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An Ultimate Guide to Take Care of Your Skin Post-Workout

Jun 07, 2022

Rini Jose

An Ultimate Guide to Take Care of Your Skin Post-Workout

We have heard enough about the benefits of exercising for the skin. A good sweaty workout session can undoubtedly bring a lot of benefits to the skin. It is indeed essential for mental and physical health too. But, while we follow a routine workout to keep the skin and body healthy, we often forget about its aftereffects on the skin. Even though a workout has numerous skin benefits, if you don't give proper care to the skin after the workout session, it can cause an adverse effect. If the sweat and other impurities are left on the skin for a long time can clog the pores, spread bacteria, paves the way for dead skin cells etc. Wondering about tackling this issue? Following post-workout skincare can help you out! We've rounded up the most efficient and perfect skincare routine that will help your skin remain healthy and radiant after your daily workout session; 

Benefits of Exercise on skin:

Exercising on a regular basis is the best habit that you can follow to keep your skin, body and hair healthy. Let's see what changes workout can bring to your skin; 

A naturally radiant skin: When we exercise, the blood circulation is improved, which helps deliver essential nutrients to skin. The intense workout sessions makes you sweat more and aids in removing the toxins through perspiration. So, working out regularly can bring a healthy radiance to the skin.  

Keep the skin free from acne breakouts: It's known to all that excess sebum production is one of the major reasons for acne breakouts. Following a proper workout routine relieves stress, which lowers cortisol levels and helps in reducing excess sebum production. Besides, the sweat after the workout clears the pores and eliminates the dead skin cells and other impurities that are accumulated on the skin over time. As a result, your skin remains clean and free from acne when you work out regularly. 

Provide younger-looking skin: Those wrinkles, saggy skin and fine lines are the primary signs of aging skin. When you exercise, the collagen production is improved; the muscles are reinforced and toned, making the skin look fresh and healthier because stronger muscles beneath the skin make them more firm and flexible.  

Pre-workout Skincare Is Essential 

Pre-workout skincare is equally important as post-workout skincare. Let's look at the essentials to be followed pre-workout for a problem-free and glowing skin. 

Remove makeup: Remove the makeup from the skin and cleanse the face before your workout session. If needed, you may apply a light moisturizer.  

Do not forget sunscreen: Pre-workout or post-workout, sunscreen is a must. Ensure that you apply your sunscreen after cleansing the face, especially if choosing an outdoor workout session.  

Post-workout skincare Routine:

Exercising is indeed beneficial for the skin, but if only you follow a proper post-workout skincare routine. Let's yield the best out of it by following a skincare routine. Here are some of the essential steps that can provide you with healthy and problem-free skin; 

Keep your hands clean.

When you hit the gym for a workout session, you probably have to touch the equipment used by many. There are more chances of bacteria and viruses to spread from the hands to face if you don't keep them clean, as most people tend to touch the face frequently. Thus, before starting your post-workout skincare, ensure that your hands are clean and free from any dirt or impurities. 

Time to change the workout clothes:

The clothes drenched in sweat when worn for a long time can cause breakouts and other skin problems. No more delay-just change the clothes as soon as you are out of your gym or workout session. 

Wash your face:

Before taking a shower, using a gentle natural cleanser like Savarnas Mantra's Natural Rose Cleanser, to wash the face, to remove the sweat, dirt, and grime collected on the skin. 

Take a shower:

After twenty to thirty minutes post your workout, you can take a shower. It will refresh your body by eliminating the sweat and impurities from the skin. 

Keep them moisturized

There are chances for the skin to become dry after the shower, so when the skin is still damp, apply your moisturizer; a lightweight natural moisturizer is what your skin needs. Try a natural moisturizer enriched with hydrating ingredients like Savarnas Mantra® Natural Ultimate Nourishing Hyaluronic Moisturizer to keep your skin smooth, nourished and hydrated. 

Use a sunscreen

Now that you and your body are charged after the workout session use sunscreen to keep them protected from UV rays before stepping out. 

Following a pre-work and post-workout skincare isn't a difficult task, but at the same time, it has many benefits too. Giving ample care to the skin will indeed help you yield the maximum benefits to the skin from exercising. If you aren't following a skincare routine post-workout, kick start it today. And watch the healthy glow it brings to your skin.