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9 Skincare Hacks You Should Try Everyday

Jun 06, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

9 Skincare Hacks You Should Try Everyday

With many skincare launches happening almost every day, it can be tempting to get attracted to many skincare products. Of course, we know you are in search of the best results. Our life is fast-paced and is always looking for instant results. But, when it comes to skincare, you need to have patience. So, we have pulled together some beauty hacks which can help your skin. Do not get carried away by instant results claims!!! You need long-lasting results. 

Half your battle is won when you follow a regular skincare regime with some beauty hacks. I am sure you are at the edge of your seat wondering how to level up your skincare routine right. This easy skincare do's and don’ts with beauty hacks must be included in our daily lifestyle. 

9 Skincare Hacks for Daily Life 

  1. Be simple when it comes to skincare 

Go simple. Beauty is simplicity. Whether it is a skincare regime or a choice of beauty products, choose simple skincare products. Check the labels. Avoid complex chemicals which can harm the skin. Using too many products is irritating for the skin and you will never know what worked!!! 

  1. Keep it clean 

Switch to clean beauty. Your hands come in contact with so many things daily which may lead to cross-contamination. Minimize contamination by disinfecting your makeup products and your mobile phone too. This can make a huge difference and create a positive impact on the skin. 

  1. Change pillowcases daily 

Sweat, dirt, and grime can deposit on the pillowcase. This can cause a buildup on the skin too which may lead to breakouts. So make sure you are washing your sheets and your pillowcases daily. Yes, you clean your face at night by following the skin ritual. At the end of it, you do not want the dirt from the pillowcase to transfer to the facial skin. So clean your face and pillowcases for the best results. 

  1. Apply skincare products to damp skin 

Experts suggest that after washing your face, it is advisable to pat your face with a clean towel. Never completely dry your face. Just pat in such a fashion that excess water is absorbed and leaves your face naturally dewy. Next comes toner. Apply toner and let it stay for some seconds till absorbed and follow the CTM procedure on damp skin. Misting your skin and applying skincare is a great idea. 

  1. Do not overdo with skincare 

Anything excess is bad for your health. The same goes for skin health. Do not over-cleanse or over-exfoliate. This may leave your skin dry and more vulnerable to damage. 

  1. Stick to what is best for your skin 

Be loyal to your skincare products and beauty will give you gorgeous skin. We know that you get tempted by every new skincare line. But, it's time to check what suits you best. Do not hop, skip and jump every product in a day or two. Use products for a good amount of 1 -2 months to see desired results. Just dont go about the latest trending and investing in high-end products. 

  1. Love perfume- Be careful before you spray near the face 

Make sure to spray some perfume on the inner area of the wrist. Do not spray it anywhere near the face. Know why? So you know about dark underarms which can result from spraying perfumes. Some perfumes tend to cause discoloration of the skin. 

We know you love perfumes. So, the best way is to spray it on the inner wrist and not run. Let it stay. This will allow you to make the most out of your perfumes. Rubbing the perfume mist can cause molecules to break down and evaporate in air or may be deposited into the skin pores causing discoloration and oxidation. 

  1. For Dewy Look 

Mix some foundation with serum and get that hydrating glittery dewy look. This also allows your makeup coverage to stay longer. 

  1. Be loving to your skin 

There may be some imperfections. Spend some ME-TIME and give some love to your skin. So, take some time to remind yourself of the things you love about your skin. 

Try these hacks for the best skincare and keep glowing.