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8 Common Mistakes That You’re Making While Filling Eyebrows

Aug 23, 2022

Rini Jose

8 Common Mistakes That You’re Making While Filling Eyebrows

A pair of well-shaped and defined eyebrows can make your look; in the same way, a small blunder on the eyebrows can even break the look. But, the eyebrow shape, color and thickness vary from person to person. Only very few are blessed with darker and naturally fuller-looking eyebrows, but the majority struggle to make them look natural and thick. When we often concentrate on making the eyebrows look flawless, we tend to make repeated mistakes. Understanding and rectifying them will help you achieve those impeccable eyebrows effortlessly. Scroll down to find out the most common mistakes that most people make while filling in the eyebrows; 

Mistake# 1: You are probably using the wrong products

The beauty market has numerous varieties of makeup products, especially brow makeup products. When you have plenty of options, it’s quite obvious to get confused in picking the right one for your brows and most often, you end up clinching on the wrong products. The best tip for choosing cosmetics for brows is- to use a brow pencil to fill in your eyebrows if you have just a few missing hairs. But if you have sparse areas on the eyebrows, a brow powder will help to fill them and make them look natural. Now, if your eyebrows are dark and thick enough and you are searching for a brow product to keep your unruly brow hairs in place, a brow gel will be your best bet. 

Mistake#2: You aren’t using the right shade of brow product

As you choose the right brow cosmetic, picking the best shade for your eyebrows is important. Using the wrong shade on the brows will either give a bold and dramatic look to the eyebrows or sometimes make them look dull. The simplest tip to pick the perfect shade is to go for one or two shades darker if you have lighter hair color and one or two shades lighter for dark hair colors like brown and black. Avoid choosing the same color as that can also ruin the look. 

Mistake# 3: You’re using too much product on your eyebrows

Avoid using too much product on the brows to make the eyebrows look natural and flawless. Using a lot of brow cosmetics on the eyebrows makes the brows look harsh and fake. Instead, go with creating lighter strokes and blend them well; for this, a spoolie brush can help you out. It’s okay even if there are some lighter areas between the brows, as the skin is lightly seen between the hairs, even on natural eyebrows.  

Mistake #4: You are trying to make your eyebrows look identical

When you concentrate on making your eyebrows look identical to twins, it will end up in over-plucking, making the eyebrows thinner. And so, your focus should be on making each eyebrow perfect than trying to make them look identical. 

Mistake#5: You aren’t using the right brush

For eyebrow makeup, brushes play a crucial role, especially when you use a powder or pomade. If you prefer filling the sparse areas of the eyebrows using brow powder, an angled brow brush has to be used. Now to blend the product well, a spoolie will be apt. Whether to fill or to blend, Savarnas Mantra® Eyebrow Brush does the job perfectly.  

Mistake# 6: You’re probably using only a single product

You always don’t have to limit yourself to filling your eyebrows using a single product. In fact, you get better perfection if you club different brow makeup products. Using a brow pencil, brow powder, and brow gel together can provide you with well-defined, natural-looking eyebrows that last for the entire day. You may try Savarnas Mantra® Eyebrow Pencils, Savarnas Mantra® Eyebrow Powder and Savarnas Mantra® Eyebrow Gel to shape, fill and set the eyebrows. 

Mistake #7: You are trying to achieve the trendiest brow shape

We all like to go with the trends, but you need to understand that all popular brow shapes trending on social media might not suit you. Because some eyebrow shapes and shade doesn’t complement your facial features and shape. It’s better to choose the shape that complements the shape of your face rather than trying popular brow shapes.  

Mistake# 8: You’re overplucking your eyebrows

Sometimes to achieve that perfect shape, you may end up overplucking the brows or leaving a big gap between the eyebrows. Identify the length of your eyebrows using a pencil or makeup brush; hold the brush vertically beside your nose to find the starting point of your brows.  

A set of well-defined eyebrows can undoubtedly enhance your eyes and face. Rectify the common mistakes you are making while filling your eyebrows and fill your brows like a pro. Likewise, using the right eyebrow cosmetics in the perfect shade can help you easily achieve your desired eyebrow shape.