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Top 9 Tips While Applying Makeup

Aug 22, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

Top 9 Tips While Applying Makeup

Makeup! All the women get excited when they hear about “Makeup.” Yes, that's true, all of us love makeup. However, it may get difficult at times. Makeup should look flawless and completely natural. It should enhance our beauty. It is important to get it right while applying makeup. Following some basic tips and tricks can help you get just a perfect MAKEUP look. So, let us help you to improve your glam quotient every day whether you are chilling at a personal level or heading to the office at a professional level. 

In this blog, we are going to tell you about the following - 

  • Basic tips and tricks while applying makeup
  • Do and Don'ts while applying makeup
  • Perfect skincare routine for makeup 

Stay tuned at the end of the blog as we are going to reveal some of the top beauty secrets throughout the blog to get the makeup just right for yourself. 

Let us begin! 

Basic tips and tricks while applying makeup 

It is important to prep your skin well before makeup. Your face should be a perfect canvas to showcase and flaunt your makeup and beauty skills at the very best. Bumpy and uneven skin tone can make it difficult to apply makeup. Well, we understand that makeup helps enhance your beauty as well as hides your flawlessness to help you flaunt the best skin. But, it is equally important to prep your skin well before makeup. 

Here we are going to tell you some basic tips and tricks before applying makeup 


Steps to Follow


Wash your face with gentle cleanser


Hydrate your face with serums and moisturizer


Apply your sunscreen


Choose a perfect primer for your skin


Blend your makeup well with concealer and foundation


Do not overlayer makeup too much


Keep it minimal


Choose shades based on occasions


Use mineral natural based makeup

Do and Don'ts while applying makeup 

This is a very important part of makeup. Follow the protocols and rules while applying makeup that will help your skin. When we see makeup, we just divulge ourselves into it. In no time, we are ready to try it on our faces. Following the Do and Don'ts while applying makeup can work wonders for the skin. Let us get started. 

  • Do moisturize the skin before makeup
  • Do use a beauty blender before applying makeup
  • Do follow a skincare routine daily morning and night
  • Do use a makeup remover always at night to eliminate all the traces of makeup
  • Do focus on eye and lip makeup to accentuate your face aesthetics
  • Do allow makeup to get absorbed completely well before layering it
  • Do clean the makeup tools and brushes to avoid cross-contamination
  • Don't apply makeup on a dirty face
  • Don't go overboard with makeup
  • Don't just follow the makeup trends blindly
  • Don't apply too much foundation which looks heavy and unnatural
  • Don't fall asleep while wearing makeup 

Perfect skincare routine before makeup 

Flawless skin is no longer a dream! You can achieve it by using the best skincare and the best makeup. Yes, that's right. It is important to make the best pick for skin care and beauty products to achieve a perfect look. You can also achieve it by following a religious skincare routine regularly day and 

night. This will not only give you perfect skin but also great skin for makeup Let us help you get started! 

  • Ensure to Cleanse, Tone, and Moisturize regularly daily
  • Make sure to use some natural serums for a radiant glow
  • Allow your moisturizers and serum to be absorbed before makeup
  • Make sure to use lightweight skincare products which are easily absorbable
  • A natural makeup remover works best than the conventional makeup remover
  • Be gentle on your skin. Do not rub the products on your skin
  • Ensure to sanitize your hands before your touch your facial skin
  • Use soft cotton pads and balls to remove makeup
  • If you have active acne on your face, make sure to take precautions while applying makeup
  • Use anti-aging skin care products daily
  • Use under eye cream and serum to keep the skin moisturized 

Understand your skin needs and requirements as per your skin type and take action accordingly. This will help you get the best out of your skin, beauty, and makeup products. Makeup is fun and easy to wear. Enjoy it to the core!!!