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7 Skincare Tips Every Yogi Should Know !

Apr 17, 2024

Bhavini Desai

7 Skincare Tips Every Yogi Should Know !

They say, Yoga is the workout of not only the body but also of the mind and the soul. But they forgot to mention how it also works your skin for the better! Oh yes, unlike your average Joe workouts, Yoga is considered superlative for skin health. Not only do you burn off and let out all the toxins in sweat after a rigorous workout, but you also have dedicated asanas in Yoga to help with skin clarity, glow, and inner luminosity. But this blog is not about those asanas. This blog is about what a Yogi (a Yoga practitioner) should know about skincare. This blog is about 7 skincare tips every Yogi should know. If you are a Yogi, or planning to become one, then do not stop reading.


Tip #1


Water is essential for a Yogi. Not only from the Ayurveda point of view of ‘jal’ being required by the body to maintain homeostasis but also from the skincare perspective. Here are some water tips to note:

  • Always drink water while sitting down. Ayurveda suggests that when you drink water standing up, you let its energy flow right out of you and into the earth.
  • Drink water at least 30 minutes before your Yoga workout. Do not drink water for 30 minutes after Yoga.
  • Shower thoroughly under lukewarm water to let all toxins wash out of your skin, and generate that inner luminosity.
  • And, hydrate with a moisturizer that suits your skin type to give that topical dewy supplement to your skin post Yoga. 


Tip #2


Post-Yoga skin cleansing is paramount. Along with a thorough shower, you must wash away your skin’s impurities with a gentle but effective natural cleanser. This, however, should be done without natural stripping oils. Ingredients like aloe, cucumber, roses, honey, etc are preferred in Yogi cleansers. You must also double-cleanse once a week, or as required by your skin. 


Tip #3


Known as ‘garshana’ in Ayurveda, exfoliating or scrubbing is an essential step in buffing the skin. Especially if you are physically active. Because when you sweat, you attract dust and pack it into stubborn dirt inside your pores. Therefore, a Yogi should always keep an exfoliating routine with a gentle product. If you wish to leave the physical scrubs and go for chemical ones, then AHAs, BHAs, fruit acids, and honey are great exfoliant options.  


Tip #4


The most important post-Yoga ritual — skin toning. Toners play a crucial role in rebalancing the skin's pH levels. They are also known to refine pores. Therefore a Yogi must always carry a natural toner with them to their Yoga sesh. Brownie points if their toner is natural, and nourishing and also doubles up to perform other functions like that of a cleanser or a hydrator. Savarnas Mantra has a brand of Yogi Toners that works in wonderful multi-purpose ways. Three toners for three different skin types — to tone, to balance the doshas, and to settle the skin after all that workout.


- Herbal Detox Toner

A toner that works wonders when spritzed on oily, acne-prone skin, or skin that suffers ‘Pittha’ dosha. It instantly calms your over-stimulated skin, shrinks pores, and balances the pH. 


- Seaweed Hydrating Toner

A toner made especially for those with very dry, dehydrated, heavy-feeling skin. It works by deeply hydrating the ‘Kapha’ dosha skin type, enhancing skin texture, and pushing back aging.


- Co-Q-10 Age Defying Toner

A toner for those with premature aging or dry, ‘Vata' dosha skin. Co-Q-10 stimulates collagen production and promotes supple skin, fortifying the natural skin barrier for lasting freshness.


Tip #5

Sun Protect

Even if you do your yoga indoors, UV rays can still penetrate through the windows. So, apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher to shield your skin. This prevents harmful UV damage and premature aging. Also, opt for a lightweight, non-comedogenic formula that won't clog pores or feel greasy on the skin. And, reapply your sunscreen every two hours, especially if you're practicing yoga outdoors or in a sunny location.


Tip #6


Just as yoga encourages mindfulness on the mat, extend that mindfulness to your skincare too. Pay attention. Observe. Take notes. You should be aware of how your skin reacts to different skincare products, what it needs, and what it doesn’t. There’s no better prevention than awareness. And while you are at it, treat your skin with care and respect. Incorporate stress-relieving techniques like deep breathing, meditation, or aromatherapy into your skincare routine. Massage your skin, hum, and bring in the good vibrations into your overall well-being.


Tip #7


Watch what you put in your mouth. As a Yogi, you must eat balanced, timely meals that complement not only your workout but also your skincare. Also, always eat your meal sitting down. Like water, the energy that you wish to earn from your food is also often leached into the floor when standing. Whole grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and lentils are food options that must feature on your menu. 



Only practicing Yoga doesn’t make you a Yogi. Essentially, living a Yogi lifestyle puts you in that realm. Savarnas Mantra has always advocated a holistic way of living to nurture your skin, as well as your body and soul. Yogis are right there with the best of them to start this lifestyle. Are you there too?