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5 Tips for Flawless Brows Using Eyebrow Gel

Apr 22, 2024

Bhavini Desai

5 Tips for Flawless Brows Using Eyebrow Gel


The beauty world is rife with content. Tips and tricks are a dime a dozen. And when it comes to eyebrows, OH MY GOD! Theres an entire oceans worth of information on the web. And thats where most heads start to spin. What to read, how much to believe, and do these tips really work? Well, well, what are we for if not to produce amazing eyebrow products and curate the most important brow tips? Therefore, today, on popular demand, we have brought to you the 5 workable tips for flawless brows, using just your eyebrow powder. They work, they certainly do. We have tried and tested them!

Tip #1 Choose the RIGHT eyebrow gel:

Yep, thats the first trick that most influencers out there forget to tell you. See, there are a hundred and one eyebrow gels out there. But you need to pick the right one for you. How do you do that? Simple. By ticking these 3 major factors:

  1. Does the eyebrow gel tint/shade match your eyebrow hair?
  2. Is the eyebrow gel non-flaky, water-proof, and smudge-proof?
  3. Is the formulation also rich in some nutrients to help nourish your brows throughout the day?

This last one is not for your cosmetic needs but for the long-term health of your brow hair. Therefore, we always recommend our Savarnas Brow Gel to all the customers at our spas. Because we know and trust that its Vitamin B5-enriched formula will not only maintain the browshealth but also bring a natural sheen in the long run. Our clients come back to vouch this as the best eyebrow gel theyve ever used as well, making it easier for us to keep pitching it to more clients. 


Tip #2 Always use eyebrow gel on clean brows:

Before you start applying your brow gel, make sure you have cleaned your eyebrows of all the previous days makeup, debris, and dust. Also, ensure that you have washed your face with a good quality cleanser to get rid of any excess oils and dirt. This residue often hinders the gel application, making it easy for the gel to chip off. To enhance the gels adherence to your brows, start applying the brow gel on a fresh canvas. This will also prevent breakouts, irritation, and inflammation for sensitive skin.


Tip #3 Perfect your technique with eyebrow gel:

Rome wasnt built in a day. And eyebrow gels werent perfected in a jiffy. You need to be patient with your brow gel game as you practice and perfect. You need two main skills for this — precision and finesse. Start with these simple steps:

  • Brush your clean brow hairs upward using a spoolie brush to define their natural shape.
  • Fill in any sparse areas with a small amount of brow powder or pencil. 
  • Then, using the wand applicator of the eyebrow gel, lightly coat your brows with the product, following the direction of hair growth. 
  • For a more defined look, concentrate the gel on areas that need extra hold or shaping, such as the arches or tails of your brows. 
  • Remember — work in small, controlled strokes to avoid clumping or over-application.


Tip #4 Blend, blend, blend

This is key to achieving that flawless, natural clear brow gel look. You may be using a tinted brow gel or a clear brow gel, but blending is what will make it amalgamate seamlessly into your eyebrows. How to do it? Follow 1, 2, and repeat:

1.After applying the eyebrow gel, gently blend the product into your brows using the spoolie brush or a clean mascara wand. 

2. Brush gently until you see the gel become a part of the natural texture of your eyebrow hairs.

This helps distribute the gel evenly, eliminates any excess product, and softens harsh lines for a natural finish. Focus mainly on blending the edges of your brows to create a soft gradient effect, an ombre of sorts. This is the difference between eyebrows and polished eyebrows.


Tip #5 Lock in your look 

Once you've perfected your brows with eyebrow gel, it's essential to set them in place for long-lasting wear. To seal the deal, lightly dust a translucent setting powder over your eyebrows. This step not only enhances the gel's staying power but also prevents smudging or fading throughout the day. If your eyebrows powder promises long-lasting, smudge-proof wear, like Savarnas Clear Brow Gel does, then you need not worry about this step. You can, however, use the Savarnas Brow Soap if you want to feather your eyebrows out. 



We may offer you the best eyebrow gel, and we do, make no mistake. But it is this simple but crucial set of tips that will help you set your eyebrows apart! Remember to start on clean brows, perfect your technique, blend it up, and then lock it all in. And then, bid adieu to flaky, uneven eyebrows that have been brushed up with substandard eyebrow gel. Get yourself one from our collection of 5 beautiful B5-enriched eyebrow gel shades and play around!