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4 Hollywood Celebrities with Best Eyelashes

Jan 13, 2023

Dr Rati Parwani

4 Hollywood Celebrities with Best Eyelashes

Who is your latest LASH CRUSH? Wondering about the answer for this!  Let us give you a sneak peek into the real beauty of Hollywood celebs

Hollywood celebs have passion and obsession with eyelashes. Yes, they are considered real beauties who completely go by the quote - “Eyes are the soul of your inner beauty.” We truly admire them when it comes to looks, personality, and style. Celebrities always have the perfect look with every lash resting in place. Not everyone is born with awesome lashes. But, the reality is that these beautiful celebrities weren’t born with them either. So, let us find out more about what is so attractive about celebs and who has the best luscious lashes in town.

Why do we get attracted to celebrities?

All of the celebs have unique looks which they carry off in style. That’s true! This is what attraction is all about- EYES. Lashes and brows play a very important role in your facial aesthetics.

Eyelash extension V/s Natural lashes - Which one is the best?

Most celebs sport lash extensions whether they are on the red carpet or flaunting a natural look. But, some celebs have amazing lashes which are natural, thick, long and gorgeous. Well, there is a lot to learn from the experience our Hollywood celebs go through. Getting tempted to copy your favorite celeb is completely normal! Know what is best for our eyelashes from their experiences, looks, and personalities. Let us check out some Hollywood celebs with the best lashes ever!

4 Beauty Celebrities with Best Eyelashes

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is known for killer beauty looks especially when it comes to makeup. That’s not all. This Hollywood beauty is blessed with gorgeous skin and eyes too. She has been captured many times by the paps without makeup and just flaunting her super long lashes. 

If you are attracted to her looks and tempted to copy her, go completely natural with no make-up, super glowy skin, and lovely lashes. You can opt for natural lash mascara with 3D fibers which can add 3 times more volume to your lashes and is much better than conventional lash extensions.

Lady Gaga

With larger-than-life songs and super-glam looks, Lady Gaga is known for her starstruck mesmerizing lashes. We do see her flaunting exceptional looks with heavy lash extensions which speak volumes about her love for lashes. She transforms her looks with amazing eyelashes which are well-known at the MET Gala red carpet. 

Wondering how she can flaunt those super-heavy length eyelash extensions? Well, thanks to the healthy and stronger original natural lashes and of course, her lash line which is always set to bear the weight of her lash extensions. She truly has the REAL LASH POWER among all the celebs. So, next time you decide to switch to eyelash extensions, it is important to make sure that your original lashes are stronger and healthy all the time. Here, it is important to follow an eyelash routine for an amazing set of natural lashes. A true learning for eyelash care that we adore from the LADY.

Kate Perry

Her beauty is truly hypnotizing! All credit goes to her eyelashes. She has many backed-up false lash extensions under her name as a beauty brand and has been adored for it. This truly shows her love for eyelashes. But, let’s not forget a video of her eye-twitching malfunction which went viral due to too much eyelash glue on October 28, 2022, at a Las Vegas event. So, next time you get attracted to eyelash extensions, think again! Instead, take a healthy route towards natural eyelashes with just an EYELASH OIL and ditch the EYELASH GLUE!!!

Meghan Markle

The Lash Queen is here! This celeb swears by eyelash routine. She flaunts natural gorgeous lashes always with her beautiful sophisticated looks. The Duchess has revealed in many interviews her love for eyelash serum. Yes, you should follow this celeb to enhance your lashes naturally by following an eyelash routine with natural lash serum, and vitamin enriched lash oils that help you in achieving beautiful lashes! She is always set to steal the show with her lovely lashes! 

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