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21- Day Skincare Challenge

Oct 04, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

21- Day Skincare Challenge

Juggling between personal and professional life, we hardly get time to take care of ourselves. Cherish some quality time for self-love and self-care to get beautiful skin. Well, trust me on this, you will love your new confidence with beautiful glowing skin. So, get started and be ready for the new skincare enthusiast within you. You are on the right page if you want smooth flawless skin. Let's be dedicated and consistent without a day break for a 21-day skincare challenge to get habituated to a healthy skincare routine. You will get bonus points for this! With good healthy skincare habits, you will also WIN beautiful glowing skin.

Steps To Follow During The 21-Day Skincare Challenge

Here are some important steps to follow for a 21-day challenge for healthy skin. Follow these steps for 21 days and get ready for beautiful skin.

Step 1 - Commit To A Healthy Lifestyle

Choosing a healthy lifestyle is a blessing. It works amazing for the body and mind along with your skin as well. Stay committed to a healthy lifestyle by getting habituated to it. 

  • Eat healthy and avoid junk
  • Exercise and sweat out
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Practice healthy skincare habits 

Step 2 - Practice Proper Face Washing

Zip, zap, zoom! Are you done with your cleansing? Take a look again and spend some quality time cleansing and massaging your face gently in circular motions for 2 mins. This will super-cleanse your face and remove all the dirt and grime to allow your skin to breathe. Ensure to use a gentle natural cleanser that does not rip off the natural oils from your face.

Step 3 - Switch To Natural Skincare Products

Choose natural skincare products. You can never go wrong with paraben-free and sulfate-free products. Switch to natural botanical extracts which are safe and gentle.

Step 4-  Break Up With Makeup

Take a break from your makeup routine. We know all the beauties love makeup but it is essential to take a break from makeup once in a while. Finding it difficult to resist makeup? Well, add a dash of lip color and eyeliner. Skip the foundation and concealers.

Step 5 - Commit To SPF

Ensure to avoid stepping out in the sun without SPF. Use your sunscreen always during the daytime even though it is cloudy or winter outside.

Step 6 - Start Using Under-Eye Serums

Under-eye serums are a must for keeping fine lines and wrinkles at bay. Using under-eye serums and gels with anti-aging effects can help prevent problems like dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines.

Step 7-  Replace Coffee With Green Tea

If you're addicted to coffee, time to take action and switch to green tea. Green tea is a potent antioxidant healthy drink with anti-aging benefits.

Step 8 - De-stress And Pamper Yourself

Step into a salon for regular facials and massages which will boost your skin cell functioning. Pampering yourself helps stimulate feel-good hormones which help with naturally glowing skin.

Step 9 - Always Use Vitamin C Serum

Use a vitamin C serum that is pure and natural. Vitamin C is known as one of the best antioxidants which help in beating oxidative stress.

Step 10- Clean Your Skin Tools And Make-Up Brushes

Eliminating toxins is not only important for healthy skin and body but also essential for beauty tools to avoid cross-contamination. Clean your brushes and skincare tools regularly and ensure to sanitize your hands before using them.

Step 11 -Check For The Expiry Date Of Your Skincare Products

Do you love stocking up on your favorite skincare products? Well, check the expiry date as well before you buy new ones or use any. Expired products must always be ruled out for beautiful skin.

Step 12- Detox Skin

Detox once a while in 15 days or weekly to eliminate toxins which will allow the body to absorb the nutrients. Detox your skin pores as well with some clay masks and “no-makeup” breaks.

Step 13- Do Not Forget Toner Post-Cleansing

Grab a herbal toner with hydrating elements after gentle cleansing. This will take care of the much-needed moisture which is ripped off post-cleansing.

Step 14- Address Your Gut

A clean gut will give you beautiful skin. Eat fiber-rich foods which will help cleanse your body regularly. A toxin-free body is ready to absorb all the nutrients at its best.

Step 15- Use Makeup Remover

Do not sleep with makeup. Use a makeup remover that is specially formulated to remove stubborn makeup elements for super gorgeous skin. You can opt for natural makeup remover too. 

Yes, you are all set with these steps to take your 21-day skincare challenge for healthy glowing skin like never before. Get started right away with good practices for skin care.