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Top 10 Secret Tips For Glowing Skin

Sep 27, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

Top 10 Secret Tips For Glowing Skin

Want to wake up with dewy glowing skin always? Well, it is important to follow certain tips which can bring about a change in your skin. 

Our skin is one of the largest organs (yes, really, it's true!) of the body. It is an outward manifestation of the internal body. Your skin speaks volumes about internal health and your mind as well. Skin and hair signal you everything you need to know about the functioning of the body. 

Many of us are keen on achieving a healthy glow for everlasting beautiful skin. Here we have rounded up nine secrets for glowing beautiful skin in the morning. So, get glowing with beautiful shiny skin. 

Top 10 secrets for glowing skin 

  • Hydration is the key 

Hydrating your skin with serums and moisturizers is very important. It is essential to use top-quality natural botanical-based serums which can lock in moisture in your skin. Ensure to use a serum before moisturizer as it is a lightweight formulation and gets absorbed quickly. 

  • Water is a must 

Do not stop here! Apart from hydrating skin externally, you need to hydrate well internally as well with water. 

Drink a glass of water before you hit the bed and when you kickstart your mornings. This will keep your skin hydrated internally, especially during sleeping hours at night. Long hours of sleep may leave your skin dehydrated. Ensure some quick hydration in the morning once you get up. 

  • Follow the CTM routine at night 

Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing by following a skincare routine at night can work wonders for the skin in the morning. This will allow the skin to repair at night and heal from within. Remember, the skin has a tendency to regenerate from within. 

  • Exfoliate twice weekly 

A gentle exfoliation weekly is necessary to eliminate the dirt, grime, and sebum from clogged pores. Ensure a weekly exfoliation preferably at night or late evening. This will unleash a beautiful natural glow in the morning. Take care not to step out in the sun after exfoliation. 

  • Use facial oils 

Natural facial oils enriched with botanical elements and vitamin E are a must for beautiful glowing skin in the morning. Indulge in gentle facial massage and facial yoga post application of facial oil which will improve the blood circulation for the skin cells. 

  • Have beauty sleep 

A night of beauty sleep for a good 8 hours is a must daily. This will restore and rejuvenate your skin cells from within. Trust me on this! Lack of sleep can result in tired dull skin in the morning. So, cherish beauty and sleep always for 8 hours. 

Invest in soft satin pillowcases with a comfortable mattress and a good environment to revitalize your skin’s energy levels in the morning. Hit your bed early by 10:30 pm for a refreshing sleep and wake up early. 

  • Avoid high-carb dinner 

Switch from carbs to protein. Have light meals before 8 pm. Choose a high fiber diet with fruits and veggies which will help cleanse toxins and are easy to digest. 

Ensure a high protein diet that will keep you fuller to avoid midnight hunger pangs. What’s more important is that a high protein diet has anti-aging benefits which help boost collagen. 

  • Use clay mask regularly 

It is important to use a hydrating clay mask that will nourish the skin. Choose a clay mask with natural botanical extracts for beautiful glowing skin. You can also opt for an overnight hydrating face mask for dewy skin in the morning. 

  • Exercise in the morning- Sweat it out 

Exercising can help release the “feel good hormones” which make you feel happy and confident in your skin. Exercise also boosts your mind and body. It helps in balancing out skin hormones for even skin tone and glowy skin. 

  • De-stress yourself 

Re-Energize your tired skin with some meditation and yoga. You can also hit a spa or salon to get facials, clean-ups, and head massages. Don't forget to pamper yourself regularly. This will destress your skin as well. 

Follow these tips for crystal-clear glowing skin in the morning. Embrace the journey of a healthy lifestyle and get habituated to it. Enjoy a vibrant glow with these tips and watch your mirror with pride. Do not forget to keep smiling with happy glowing skin in the morning.