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15 Days Pre-Christmas Skincare Routine

Dec 21, 2023


15 Days Pre-Christmas Skincare Routine

Table of Contents:

• Introduction

• Day 1-3: Cleansing and Prepping

• Day 4-6: Exfoliating for a Renewed Glow

• Day 7-9: Hydration Boost

• Day 10-12: Targeted Treatments

• Day 13-15: Final Touches and Maintenance

• Sundry Tips

• Conclusion



The twinkling lights, cozy gatherings, and joyous music herald the arrival of the festive season. As we prepare to celebrate Christmas and bid farewell to the year, it's essential to extend our holiday cheer to our skincare routine. In this 15-day pre-Christmas skincare journey, we'll delve into each step, ensuring your skin is not only ready for the festivities but also radiating health and vitality. 


Day 1-3: Cleansing and Prepping

The foundation of any effective skincare routine lies in thorough cleansing and preparation. Begin your journey by embracing a morning and evening cleansing ritual, ridding your skin of impurities. Explore the significance of using a gentle cleanser, setting the stage for the days ahead. It is advised to go for something natural and wholesome, with active ingredients that are plant-powered for effect as well as nourishment.


The next step to daily deep cleansing is toning. In these three days, set your skin for a long-term glow by using a hydrating toner.


Day 4-6: Exfoliating for a Renewed Glow

As we progress, it's time to unveil the secrets of exfoliation and its transformative effects. Once you have given your skin ample time to enjoy a thorough cleanse and toning, it is time to add to this routine with a gentle exfoliant. You can exfoliate every day if you have oily to acne-prone skin or switch to alternate days for dry and normal. Keep this routine up for the rest of the days so that you successfully scrub off all that dead, dull, stubborn top layer. 


Day 7-9: Hydration Boost

The winter months demand an extra layer of hydration. You may already be using a moisturizer or cream for daily hydration. Now it’s time to add to it. You may layer up your routine with a Hyaluronic serum or enjoy some extra TLC with a moisturizer tub rich in ingredients like squalane, seaweed, or Vitamin E. This really shakes up your original skincare routine and brings a new glow.


Day 10-12: Targeted Treatments

As the halfway point approaches, it's time to address specific skin concerns with targeted treatments. Introduce your skin to potent serums enriched with active ingredients, targeting

everything from fine lines to uneven skin tone. Also, this is the perfect time to target those pesky pimples and blemishes. Get started on spot treatments to combat the current crop of acne for your D-Day smooth skin. 


Day 13-15: Final Touches and Maintenance

In the final stretch, we'll focus on the delicate areas of the eyes and lips, introducing the importance of eye cream and lip treatments. An anti-aging hydrating eye cream, along with a natural lip plumper goes a long way in enhancing your looks for Christmas. You must use the lip plumper in the final few days leading up to the holidays, but the eye cream can be applied every night of these 15 days!


Sundry Tips:

• Use a variety of masks every alternate day or once every 3-4 days.

• If you get your hands on it, then start on a nourishing eyebrow serum.

• Swipe up lash oil on your eyelashes daily for some natural fluff and volume. 



As the Christmas festivities draw near, your skin deserves a radiant spotlight. This 15-day pre-Christmas skincare routine is more than a regimen; it's a journey toward self-care and revitalization. Embrace each step, savoring the moments of pampering and transformation. By the time Christmas arrives, your skin will not only be prepared for the celebrations but will exude a radiant glow, reflecting the beauty of the holiday season. Wishing you happy holidays and a glowing journey ahead!