Savarnas Mantra® Winner Announcement – SavarnasMantra

Savarnas Mantra® Winner Announcement

Feb 19, 2019

Dan Singh

Savarnas Mantra® Winner Announcement - SavarnasMantra

Hello friends!!

Firstly, we whole heartedly appreciate your participation in our Sweepstake Contest, where  Natural Blemish Treatment was given for free grab!!

The candidates had to just Sign Up for Savarnas Mantra® newsletter, and Lo!! You were a part of the Sweepstake Contest.

The Savarnas Mantra® Sweepstakes contest ended on 02/12/2019 at 11:59 hrs and we have lucky winner with us!!

We are proud to announce that Priscilla Pursell is the lucky winner of Savarnas Mantra® Sweepstake Contest and has won Natural Blemish Treatment.

Congratulations to our winner and Best Wishes for the future!!!