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Why Nobody Cares About Eyebrow Oil

Jan 25, 2020

Dan Singh

Why Nobody Cares About Eyebrow Oil

Our hair needs nutrition to grow. This is provided by massaging oils on our hair. Eyebrow hair similarly needs nutrition to grow.  Your Eyebrows need the special care and attention so that they look beautiful and give you a complete and a proper facial look. Brow care is as important as skin care and hair care. 

Eyebrows are a very crucial part of the human face. They help give facial expressions and are thus important in communicating with each other. Eyebrow hairs are slow growing hair and each brow hair takes about four months to grow, but still the brow care needs our utmost attention, since eyebrows define our personality. So, I really wonder why nobody cares about eyebrows and eyebrow oil?  

This is probably because eyebrow oils are difficult to get and because they are unreliable. But Savarnas Mantra® has an Eyebrow Nourishing Oil with some amazing qualities!! 

Savarnas Mantra® Eyebrow Nourishing Oil is a natural blend of seed oils and plant extracts that help in nourishing your brow. Eyebrow Nourishing Oil has ingredients that are natural and traditional, and are based on the ancient formulae for hair regrowth & healthy hair. 

The Eyebrow Nourishing Oil has rich nutrient oils that provide nutrition which is needed for hair growth. It has anti inflammatory properties that heal the follicle hair shaft. The Oil further moisturizes hair creating soft, thick and healthy hair. It also contains horsetail extracts that are known for their hair stimulating properties. 

Now you must be wondering how to use it? Simply massage the oil into your skin for several minutes. Repeat this each evening. The nutrient rich oil should be in contact with the hair root when your hairs enter into a growth phase. Massage gently into brows for at least 8 weeks.