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Why Is Your Serum Not Working?

Dec 09, 2022

Rini Jose

Why Is Your Serum Not Working?

Among the various skincare products, serums are often used with great expectations. It's because they're made with quality ingredients, highly concentrated, and promise high benefits. But sometimes, these lightweight liquids fail to produce the results they promise. Now, who should be blamed for this? Is the product not good? Or is it not the ideal serum for your skin type? Or is it because you are not using it correctly? It’s sure that so many questions pop up in your mind when you see no results from your expensive serums. Let’s help fix it! Read on to learn why your facial serum isn’t working as expected.

Serums have become an inevitable part of most women’s daily beauty routines. However, some mistakes can hinder its effectiveness. Let’s see what they are; 

You are not following the correct order

Skincare is not about using a set of products but using it in the correct order matters a lot. When using different products on the skin, it’s important to follow the right order to reap the most out of them. If you are using moisturizers before applying serum, they may not provide you with the desired results. Therefore, it's crucial to understand when and how to use facial serums before using them. To those who are confused about whether to use a serum or a moisturizer first, here you go with the whole process; 

The Exact Order to Apply Skincare Products





Double Cleansing



Treating (Facial Serums)

Face Masking

Under Eye Creams

Treating (Facial Serums)


Under Eye Creams

Protecting (Sunscreen)


You aren’t using the precise amount

It’s not only while using a serum but with any skincare product; the amount of the product you use on the skin is significant. It doesn’t mean you have to use more products on the skin to get the most benefits out of them. Using too little, however, does not produce results. 

And so, it’s wise to know how much product to use on the face to make it more effective—wondering the right amount for facial serums? In a nutshell, a pea-sized or the size of a blueberry is all you require.  

You are not applying it right. 

All skincare products have an ideal method to apply; understanding them will help you achieve the skin you are longing for effortlessly with the skincare products. Serums for the face are always special, so it is something that is not just to apply but a little more. A facial serum to target your skin concerns is to be applied to the face gently tapping with your palms or fingertips. Avoid rubbing, and leave it on the skin for a few seconds to absorb completely into the skin before layering any other skincare product. 

You are not consistent 

Consistency is the key to achieving the maximum out of skincare products, including serums. They won’t produce the expected output if you do not regularly use your facial serums. And so, be sure to use your facial serum daily along with your beauty routine. 

You are using the wrong products

While choosing facial serums, you must look for ingredients that can address your skin concerns rather than going with the most popular product in the market. Or the ones recommended by your favorite beauty blogger. Understand your skin's needs before choosing a facial serum for daily use

Your facial serum lacks active ingredients 

Even after following all the standard rules, if your facial serum is still not making any visible changes on your skin, it means your serum doesn’t contain enough active ingredients. For instance, if it doesn’t include quality ingredients or if the concentration is low, it won’t do much good for your skin. And so, it’s essential to pick a serum that contains potent ingredients in the right amount. Natural Eyelash Serum are infused with potent natural ingredients that can nourish, treat, and protect your skin. Want to try natural facial serums on your face? Try out the natural serums by Savarnas Mantra®! Be it hyperpigmentation, dull skin, aging skin, or dehydrated skin; you get the right one that targets them efficiently. 

 Mistakes are common in skincare, but identifying and rectifying them makes a real difference. Serums are indeed a great formula that can provide you with healthy and glowing skin, but if only you use them in the right amount, the correct way, and in the right order. If you are repeating the mistakes mentioned above while using the serums on your face, it’s time to change them all and make things right to earn the best benefits.