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Why is smoking bad for your skin?

Mar 20, 2023

Dr.Rati Parwani

Why is smoking bad for your skin?

Cigarette smoking is injurious to health.” We are all aware of the killer nicotine substance which brings about many health issues. Well, this is just one of the toxic substances in cigarettes that brings on a host of problems. There are many other toxic substances that can be problematic for health. 

Cigarette smoking affects all the systems of the body right from the respiratory system (lungs) to the nervous system (brain). One such system of the body which also gets affected due to cigarette smoking is the skin. Let us take a sneak peek into the adverse effects of smoking on the skin and why is smoking bad for your skin.

How does cigarette smoking affect skin health?

Nicotine is one of the major toxins affecting skin health due to cigarette smoking. It causes apoptosis also known as “cell death” by damaging skin cells. Let us learn how cigarette smoking affects skin health.

Lack of oxygen to different systems of the body.

Cigarette smoking affects the oxygen supply to different systems of the body. The major impact of cigarette smoking is seen on the respiratory system or the lungs. This impacts the oxygen-carrying capacity from the lungs to different parts of the body which include the brain and skin too.

Importance of oxygen for healthy functioning.

We are aware of the importance of oxygen for living. It is a must for life. Lack of oxygen may have a major impact at the cellular level causing cells to die. 

All the parts of the body are composed of functional units called cells which allow the functioning of the systems in a holistic way for good health. Lack of oxygen affects skin functioning capacity and may cause them to die. 

Know why cells need oxygen supply?

Cells need oxygen to function for good health. Each unit of every cell in the body is composed of mitochondria also known as the “Powerhouse of the cell.” These mitochondria need oxygen supply, adequate blood flow, and nutrients for functioning. The same goes for the skin cells too.

Cigarette smoking causes skin cells to die.

Cigarette smoking can hamper the functional capacity of the cells by decreasing the oxygen-carrying ability at the cellular level. Degenerative changes may occur due to a lack of oxygen supply, blood flow, and nutrient supply to the skin cells. This may affect the regeneration cycle of the skin cells causing overall skin health to deteriorate.

Deterioration of overall health due to cigarette smoking.

Skin is the external manifestation of the internal body. Skin cells are the last to receive oxygen, blood flow, and nutrient supply when compared to other internal organs. If your skin health is affected, there is a higher chance that your internal health is also getting deteriorated due to cigarette smoking.

Adverse effects of cigarette smoking on the skin health

The major adverse effects of cigarette smoking on skin health are as follows: 

  • Premature aging.
  • Dull and dehydrated skin.
  • Telangiectasis or spider veins due to ruptured capillaries.
  • Autoimmune disorders like eczema and psoriasis.
  • Skin cancer.
  • Wound healing issues.
  • Worsening of existing skin conditions or skin flare-ups.
  • Low skin immunity.

GOOD NEWS FOR SMOKERS! Quit Cigarette Smoking.

Are you shocked reading about these adverse effects of smoking on the skin? Well, the good news is that these effects are reversible once you quit smoking. Yes, it's true in 80% of the cases, especially in chronic smokers. The skin has the tendency to regenerate. Thanks to its self-regenerating capacity, there are good chances of skin health bouncing to normalcy once you quit smoking. Moreover, quitting smoking brings back the oxygen supply, blood flow, and nutrient- supply to the skin allowing it to function at its fuller capacity. This is not just seen with skin health but helps recover all other systems of the body including the lungs and brain once you quit cigarette smoking. 

Remember, smoking not only affects the different systems of the body but also affects your overall energy levels, vitality, and productivity levels in life. It takes away the skin glow making you fatigued and tired. This can affect your confidence level, personality, and self-esteem. 

So, what are you waiting for? Say “NO” to cigarette smoking and “YES” to healthy skin. Take a pledge today with Savarnas Mantra to embrace healthy lifestyle practices for beautiful glowing skin forever!