Why Does Junk Food Cause Skin Problems? – SavarnasMantra

Why Does Junk Food Cause Skin Problems?

Apr 13, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

Why Does Junk Food Cause Skin Problems? - SavarnasMantra

If you are keen on grabbing the pack of salted and yummy chips, think again!!! This could be harmful to your health and also your skin. Junk food and snacks can harm your internal health. This shows up externally on the skin too. Be alert, if you are addicted to junk food. Just eating once in a while would not show a major difference. But, do not underestimate your taste buds, as you can get addicted to junk food in no time. 

Why does junk food cause skin issues? 

The major reason junk food causes skin issues is defective metabolism. Junk foods do not have nutrients and are harmful to the body. Let us check out other causes why junk food causes skin issues- 

  • Junk foods do not have nutritive value 

Having “Zero to low nutritive value”, junk foods are not good for your health. Change the way you eat and think today for healthy skin. Yes, think of healthy foods and eat them too. 

  • Junk foods are high in fats 

Junk food has a tendency to deposit fats into the cells. This causes toxic build-up with fatty acids and this causes difficulty eliminating toxins. This can affect your skin and cause puffiness on your face. 

  • Junk foods are difficult to digest 

Junk foods are difficult to digest. Yes, it is important to know that certain foods like bakery products are difficult to digest and eliminate from the body. This can affect your skin as there is a lack of natural detoxification from the body. 

  • Junk foods disrupt the metabolism of the body 

Metabolism of food does not stop only at digestion. It must get absorbed and assimilated well too.. Junk foods have no nutritive value and must be completely eliminated for a healthy body. Junk foods affect the absorption and assimilation power of the body.

  • Junk food has a high caloric value

 Sometimes, it's not just fats that provide huge calories. There are good and bad fats too. Good fats are essential for skin cells to keep them hydrated. Junk food has a high amount of bad fats which can affect the skin. 

  • Junk foods are high in preservatives and color additives 

Preservatives in foods and color additives can cause toxic buildup in intestinal cells and affect food and nutrient uptake. If you are consuming healthy foods along with junk food, it can still affect your body. Make sure to go completely with a healthy diet for healthy skin. 

  • Junk foods cause lipid peroxidation 

High-fat diets, especially fried food, are difficult to metabolize. These lipids may get oxidized and get deposited in the body. They require more metabolic power to digest. That is why with high-fat food, weight gain is noticed and this will affect the skin cells and functioning. 

  • Junk food disrupts hormonal imbalance 

Junk food disrupts the normal hormonal levels and balance of the body. The hormonal balance will get disrupted with the junk food causing an imbalance of thyroid hormones which help in metabolism. This will definitely affect the skin causing hormonal skin issues like acne. 

  • Junk food stimulates the oil and sweat glands of the skin 

Junk food stimulates the oil and sweat glands and causes excessive secretion of oil which may cause acne on the skin. 

  • Junk food causes darkening of the skin 

With the oxidation of lipids (high fats and sugary foods), there is the darkening of the skin which will lead to hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone. 

These all problems cause skin problems and accelerate aging. This can affect your skin in the long run. There are many hidden problems that can arise from junk food.

Junk foods may result in skin issues and if you are having skin issues, it's high time you check what you are eating. 

Skin issues can be a signal that there are some problems with your internal health. IF you experience any skin issues, it is advisable to check for internal issues and rule out any internal possible problems which may make you dependent on conventional medicines. 

Don’t believe me !! Well, the major example of this is symptoms of SKIN ITCHING which directly signifies internal allergy or may diabetes. Yes, the main reason behind this could be junk unhealthy food. Problems like allergy or diabetes are more lifestyle disorders that can be corrected with simple changes to a healthy diet and avoiding junk food. 

Top foods to avoid for healthy skin 

  • Packaged and canned food
  • Preservative foods like sauces
  • Instant meals
  • Spicy foods
  • Sugary foods and drinks
  • Top salt
  • Fatty red meat
  • Foods with the high glycemic index
  • Fast foods
  • Bakery products like bread or pasta
  • Alcohol and smoking
  • Excess caffeine like tea and coffee 

All these foods cause inflammation of the skin and release inflammatory mediators affecting the skin’s immune system. These foods disrupt the gut barrier which affects the nutrient uptake by the intestinal cells thus affecting skin nourishment. Eliminate these foods right away and bring about a positive change in your lifestyle for healthy skin. 

Awareness of the Skin-Gut axis is very much important for healthy skin. Get started with a healthy diet by including fruits and vegetables. The junk foods in your diet can produce a lot of toxins which can cause a toxic build-up and later on affect your skin in the long run. 

Remember, “You are what you eat.” So make sure to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle which can change your look completely. Revamp your skin today naturally by taking a pledge to embrace a healthy lifestyle.