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What is Tube Mascara? Features and Benefits

Jul 24, 2023

Bhavini Desai

What is Tube Mascara? Features and Benefits

Fancy names, fancier packaging... but do they always equate to beauty? Well, that’s debatable. Especially when it comes to the new kid on the block — Tube Mascara. Popular also as tubing mascara, this one has been suddenly on everybody’s radar. Pop stars, teenagers, Instagram influencers… everyone is raving about it, using it, swearing by it. So what in the world is this ‘tube mascara?’ Let us tell you a bit (or a lot) about it along with its features and benefits.  

Tubing Mascara

This is an innovative technology in mascara where the product comes in two parts — 

  1. A mascara solution
  2. Lengthening fibers that stick for length 

The tube mascara is also a lot less fussy and doesn’t smudge, flake or even feel powdery when it's dry. Why is this and who made this miracle happen? Let’s find out below. 


  • Tube Mascara is a 2-part mascara solution that is a perfect combination if you want long, fuller, long-lasting as well as fuss-free lashes.
  • It achieves all of the above with a few key features.
  • A traditional mascara will contain pigment mixed into wax, that is applied on your eyelashes and then left to dry. This leaves a residue as well as chances of flaking later on. 
  • Tube mascara is a whole other ballgame. Here, the formula is not pigment and wax but a formula of polymers that wrap around each individual strand of your lashes. 
  • In essence, instead of painting on top of a lash, you are covering it with a ‘tube’ of sorts that doesn’t get washed away, flaked away, or smudged. 
  • Tube mascara polymers are waterproof as well as oil-proof. Therefore, they don’t smudge even under your natural face oils or sweat. 
  • Now, does this mean that tubing mascara is a pain to remove? No, actually. On the contrary, it’s the easiest makeup to remove as the ‘tube’ around your eyelashes quickly slides out with just a swipe of warm water!
  • The packaging or tubing mascara is no different from your regular mascara, however, so if you want to tell them apart, you cannot just use the power of packaging deduction. 
  • The ingredient list however will give you a hint, as tubing mascara will always list down that it has a key polymer formula that wraps around your eyelashes.  


  1. Extreme LENGTH

The tubing mascara polymers are meant to wrap around your eyelashes individually and curl them out the best they can for length. The lashes are also well-defined individually and look perfectly fanned out, almost like they have been painted on for a Disney Princess. For those who have short eyelashes, tubing mascara is a boon, and works like a charm; so much so that you will forget falsies.  

  1. Great VOLUME

The first part of the tubing mascara solution, generally meant to create the base, is also helpful in fluffing up your lash hairs. This creates that unbelievable volume you covet all the time looking at extensions.  

  1. LONG LASTING but not heavy

Most traditional mascaras need to be applied multiple times to make them long-lasting. This makes them heavy, giving you that feeling of something always weighing down on your lashes. Tubing mascara doesn’t necessarily need to be re-applied. It is oil-proof, sweat-proof, and waterproof, and lasts as long as your day. Even when you spend your day diving and frolicking underwater! This is an added benefit for those who have an active lifestyle or oily skin type. 

  1. Perfect for CONTACT WEARERS

Contact lenses make your eyes almost an off-limit zone due to high sensitivity. Tube mascara doesn’t flake or smudge, giving you the best opportunity to flaunt your eyelashes without worrying about lens irritation.  

  1. Easy to REMOVE

As explained above, tubing mascara is immune to oils, water, sweat, and other slippery substances. It needs two agents combined for removal — warm water and gentle pressure. And when these two are provided, the mascara slides out like a glove. Literally. No rubbing required.  

  1. Gentle on SENSITIVE EYES

Many people with sensitive eyes can’t use makeup removers around them. Even the most gentle options like baby oil can cause watering, redness, and itching. With Tubing Mascara only using warm water, you can go right in without worry. 

How to REMOVE tubing mascara?

  • Warm up some water.
  • Splash it gently over your face, especially over your eyelashes.
  • Wet a soft washcloth with warm water.
  • Gently dab the cloth over your eyelashes, sliding downwards. 
  • You will see that the tubing mascara slides right off as you move from one side of the face to another.  

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