What is Acne Rosacea? How to cure it? – SavarnasMantra

What is Acne Rosacea? How to cure it?

Apr 14, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

What is Acne Rosacea? How to cure it? - SavarnasMantra

Do you blush easily and more frequently? Well, if your answer is yes, it's time to look out for some conditions like “Acne Rosacea.” We often see beautiful women and girls blushing at times especially when they are complimented. A natural blush is definitely healthy for the skin. But, if you have tender and sensitive skin especially on the cheeks which can cause mild irritation, it is important to “Beware of Acne Rosacea” to treat it accordingly. Let us get started and give you more information on this skin condition about Acne Rosacea and its cure. 

What is Acne Rosacea? 

Yes, blushing is one of the signs of Acne Rosacea along with slight bumps like acne. Acne Rosacea is medically defined as a chronic inflammatory skin condition that mainly affects the center of the face with marked redness and acne-like pustules. As the name suggests- Acne Rosacea means, “Acne”- Pimple and “Rosacea” associated with redness. 

Acne Rosacea is long-term condition with chronic face flushing, erythema( redness), papules, and pustules (boils).In severe cases, Acne Rosacea may cause complications leading to rhinophyma which means large, red, and bulbous swelling of the nose.  

Incidence of Acne Rosacea 

Acne Rosacea may occur in women and men of middle age as well as it is commonly associated with acne. Teenagers also show a high incidence of Acne Rosacea especially seen during hormonal fluctuations. Acne Rosacea commonly affects patients with sensitive skin which may lead to inflammatory conditions. It can occur at any age and is occasionally present in children. 

Causes of Acne Rosacea 

The exact causative factor is unknown, however, there may be some contributing or triggering causes that may lead to Acne Rosacea. These are as follows-

  • Aging
  • Genetic
  • Environmental factors like dust and pollutant
  • Smoking and alcohol addiction
  • Hormonal changes
  • Oily skin
  • Wrong and unhealthy diet
  • Consuming less water
  • Exercise-induced Acne Rosacea
  • Stress-induced Acne Rosacea
  • Eating spicy or sugary food
  • Unhealthy gut or feeling constipated
  • Skin bacteria, Demodex
  • Using chemical-based products
  • Not removing makeup correctly
  • Lack of frequent cleansing or too frequent cleansing
  • Not cleansing properly
  • Using wrong quality of skincare products
  • Taking long term medications
  • Allergies 

Symptoms of Acne Rosacea 

The symptoms of Acne Rosacea are-

  • Redness of cheek, forehead, or face
  • Visible tiny broken blood vessels
  • Sensitive skin
  • Inflamed or swollen face
  • Stinging and burning of the face
  • Dry rough scaly or oily skin
  • Acne-like breakouts with raised patches on the skin
  • Itchy skin on the face
  • Bumpy and hyperpigmented skin
  • Bloodshot watery and gritty eyes 

How do I know that I have Acne Rosacea? 

If you have intense redness of the skin and often get skin irritation like itching or burning sensation, there are chances that you have Acne Rosacea. Also, if you are resonating with any of these signs and symptoms mentioned above, it means you have Acne Rosacea and need to pay extra attention to your skin. 

Can Acne Rosacea be cured? 

Yes, it can be controlled and cured by eliminating the above-mentioned causes. Acne Rosacea may recur even after curing it. It has higher chances of relapse. Skincare has to be given optimum importance when it comes to Acne Rosacea. Remember, people with Acne Rosacea have sensitive skin and need special care and attention. Proper lifestyle changes along with the correct quality of skincare products can help. 

To eliminate the Acne Rosacea, one needs to keep the skin immunity at its best and main optimum skin barrier protection. 

Lets us tell you how to cure and improve Acne Rosacea 

Tips to cure Acne Rosacea 

Acne Rosacea can be controlled in the initial stages. Chronic Acne Rosacea needs continuous monitoring with proper skincare. Acne Rosacea cannot be cured in one go but needs some control and precautionary measures. One can take care of the frequency, duration, and intensity of the symptoms to reduce the occurrence of Acne Rosacea and completely eliminate it. 

Here are some tips to cure and control Acne Rosacea which is as follows- 

Skincare tips for Acne Rosacea 

  • Use gentle skincare products
  • Switch to natural skincare products
  • Avoid harsh chemical-based products
  • Avoid alcohol-based skincare products
  • Use makeup as when required
  • Remove your makeup every night with natural makeup remover before bed
  • Follow a gentle Cleansing, Toner, Moisturization method
  • Be gentle with your skin touch. Do not rub the skin hard
  • Avoid sunlight and wear your sunscreen
  • Use a scarf, hat, and sunglasses if you are stepping out between 10-4 pm. 

Lifestyle tips for Acne Rosacea 

  • Switch to a healthy diet
  • Hydrate well with water around 3 liters/day
  • Avoid spicy and sugary foods
  • Avoid gluten and wheat
  • Switch to substitutes like oats, ragi
  • Avoid alcohol and smoking
  • Exercise regularly and do not over-exercise
  • Wash and sanitize your hands regularly
  • Avoid over touching your face 

Follow these tips and make a difference to overcome Acne Rosacea completely. Yes, you can defeat Acne Rosacea with these valuable lifestyle tips.