What Does A Face Mask Do To The Skin? – SavarnasMantra

What Does A Face Mask Do To The Skin?

Mar 14, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

What Does A Face Mask Do To The Skin? - SavarnasMantra

Face Mask!! Now, generally associated with the Covid pandemic. Well, here we are not talking about the Covid Protection Face Masks but instead hinting you towards the Skin Protection Face Mask. Face Mask is very important in your daily skincare routine. 

Whether you are breaking out with acne, have a stressful day, or stay up all night watching Netflix, Face Mask can cover up all those tired look imperfections. It is generally considered a real-time quick fix for your skin. Do you know why? Well, generally when we are heading for a sudden party with our besties, the easy way out for beautiful skin is applying a quick FACE MASK!! It gives an instant glow to your face. 

Just imagine a regular skincare routine with a face mask can work wonders for your skin!! The benefits of facemask do not end here. There are endless numbers of benefits of using the right face mask for yourself. Let us explore more on this to motivate you to include it in your daily skin diet. 

Face Mask should be included in your weekly skincare regime. Make sure you take your weekly dose of astounding benefits of face masks for beautiful skin. 

From the right type of face mask to the right time of face mask, we are going to provide you with the complete guide on “How does a face mask work for the skin?”

And “What are the benefits of face masks?” 

We all are aware of the benefits of face masks. Right from deep cleansing to oil control, it covers all skin issues. Don’t worry, we are not going to share the same old tips and benefits for a face mask. But, instead, we will tell you the real scientific benefits of face masks. This will also tell you how your face mask works. 

Let’s also give you some scientific insights on the benefits of face masks. 


The benefits of a face mask are as follows- 

Long term skin health benefits of face mask 

Treat your skin with a face mask and it will thank you back. Adding this face mask application to your weekly routine helps your skin glow and stay healthy. Attaining skin health means using the right kind of products with the right technique and at the correct time. So, use your face mask efficaciously and correctly to gain maximum benefits of skincare. 

Enhances the overall skin tone 

Tired of hyperpigementation? Yes, this is very common in ladies especially due to hormonal imbalance or thyroid disorders. Scientifically, hyperpigmentation is termed “Melasma” which can occur at any age. 

The best way to keep your skin tone even and complexion clear is by applying a natural face mask that provides all the nutrients elements to your skin cells also termed as “melanocytes.” The face mask helps in the healthy functioning of melanocytes or skin cells to secrete the optimum level of melanin pigment which gives the natural color to your skin. 

You can also opt for a natural lightening face mask which will give a perfect glow to your skin. Use natural lightning face mask as the conventional brightening face mask contains strong acids and chemicals like hydroquinones which removes the superficial layer of the skin making you more prone to skin irritation. 

Savarnas Mantra Natural Lightening Face Mask is non- hydroquinone formulated lightening mask with natural elements of hyaluronic acid which evens out the skin tone and lightens it with regular usage. 

Oil controlling benefits of face mask 

With every skin cell, there is a sweat gland and oil gland attached. The oil glands secrete oil which is also known as “sebum.” This sebum is nothing but natural oil to moisturize the skin and maintain the skin protection barrier. However, sometimes, due to hormonal fluctuations or aging, these oil glands may become overactive. This leads to oversecretion of natural oils making skin super oily and prone to skin issues. 

Hormones may fluctuate due to stress, aging, unhealthy diet, lack of sleep, and exercise. Before you start following a healthy lifestyle, your body clock needs some time to get back into normal secretion from oil glands. 

In such cases, a natural face mask will soak on the oil from your face and will be an instant quick fix. Sounds interesting- Get started with Savaranas Mantra Face Mask Collection Today !!

Restores, Rejuvenates, and Revitalizes your skin 

If you are prone to sensitive skin, then a face mask will help calm and soothe your skin and provide you relief from itching or skin irritation. It also rejuvenates the activity and functioning of the skin at the cellular level. It helps restore the natural glow of the skin which proper functioning of skin cells. 

Yes, this rejuvenates you as well. A wonderful skin will improve your overall vitality and skin energy. This will give an immense boost to your confidence levels and keep not only your skin calm and healthy but also your mind healthy as well. 

How to Use a Face Mask? 

  • Steps to use face mask effectively
  • Cleanse your face with a natural cleanser
  • Exfoliate the face with a natural exfoliator
  • Use a natural face maks
  • Wait for 10 - 15 mins
  • Let it dry completely
  • Wash off with a clean water
  • Pat dry with a clean towel
  • Use a toner
  • Use a natural serum 

Hola!! You have crystal clear healthy glowing skin. Continue with the same skincare routine for better skin health at an optimum level. 

So, incorporate the application of a natural face mask which helps in reenergizing your skin.