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Top 7 botanical extracts for eyebrow growth

May 03, 2023

Dr Rati Parwani

Top 7 botanical extracts for eyebrow growth

Are you dreaming of beautiful, denser, fuller-looking brows? Turn it into reality today with Savarnas Mantra eyebrow nourishing oil. Let us go ahead and explore some of the essential botanical extracts for eyebrow growth

It is time to achieve your best brows with enriching botanical extracts with tried-and-true eyebrow nourishing oil. With this blog, we will walk you through how to achieve beautiful brows with botanical extract-enriched eyebrow nourishing oil

Did you just over-pluck your brows with a misguided grooming attempt, FRET NOT! We are here to tell you a secret for eyebrow growth with brow oils which can work wonders to boost overall eyebrow health. Here are the top 5 botanical extracts which you must look out for while selecting your eyebrow nourishing oil to make the best choice for fuller-looking, beautiful brows.

Which eyebrow nourishing oil should I choose?

As per research, there are two types of eyebrow oil which are as follows-

  1. Natural eyebrow oil enriched with herbs and botanical extracts in a glycerin base.
  2. Conventional eyebrow oil consists of chemicals in silicone-base. 

Dr. Rati Parwani recommends choosing natural eyebrow nourishing oil enriched with botanical extracts that help stimulate brow growth. It has been confirmed that silicone-based conventional serums may clog pores and cause eyebrows to fall out affecting overall eyebrow health in the long run. On the other hand, natural brow nourishing oil with botanical extracts in glycerine base has no side effects at all hampering brow health. It is considered great for brow health

Now that you have finalized which brow growth oil you should choose, it's time to know what active elements or ingredients you must opt for to stimulate brow growth for healthy brows.

Top 7 botanical extracts for eyebrow growth.

  1. Horsetail extract or Equisetum Hiemale extract.
  2. Althea Officinalis root extract.
  3. Safflower extract or Carthamus Tinctorius.
  4. Rosemary leaf extract or Rosmarinus Officinalis.
  5. Rice bran oil or Oryza Sativa extract.
  6. Cannabis sativa seed oil.
  7. Meadowfoam seed oil or Limnanthes alba. 

You can achieve beautiful lush brows with a great exclusive blend of these natural extracts. The blended botanical extracts with unique natural oils extracted from herbs are lightweight in texture, easily absorbed, and do not leave any residue or traces behind. It has been noted that conventional silicone-based brow oil may leave sticky residue behind as it has higher molecular weight and is difficult to absorb. 

Natural brow nourishing oils with botanical extracts have lower molecular weight making them light in weight and easily absorbable, thus increasing the bioavailability of the nutrients to stimulate the brow follicles. It does not clog the pores, thus increasing the efficacy of the brow oil to boost growth, unlike conventional silicone-based brow oils which may block the follicles and hamper brow health over time.

How to stimulate brow growth with brow nourishing oil?

The good news is that eyebrows can be encouraged to grow back if the eyebrow follicles are active. Eyebrow nourishing oil not only maintains or stimulates healthy brow growth but also helps to keep the brow follicles active. This can be accomplished using brow essentials with natural ingredients that stimulate the hair growth cycle. 

Along with using the right brow essentials, following an eyebrow care routine for beautiful brows is crucial. Dr. Rati Parwani strongly recommended using natural brow essentials to stimulate brow growth and health.

How natural brow nourishing oils enriched with botanical extracts can stimulate brow growth?

The active ingredients with botanical extracts contain natural boosting elements called prostaglandin analogs which help stimulate overall brow health. The botanical extracts are considered potent to stimulate the brow growth cycle to achieve fuller-looking beautiful brows.

Benefits of natural eyebrow nourishing oil

Here are some of the essential benefits of eyebrow nourishing oil. 

  • It promotes the healthy appearance of brows.
  • It helps stimulate brow growth.
  • It helps maintain brow health by keeping eyebrow problems at bay.
  • It is enriched with Vitamin B complex, essential to brow growth.
  • It is enriched with Vitamin E, which helps in the natural condition of the brows.
  • It consists of omega-3 fatty acids, which are great for nourishing brows.
  • It contains stem cell peptides to maintain healthy brow follicles for boosting brow growth.
  • It is also enriched with protein necessary for brow building blocks.
  • Natural elements of hyaluronic acid help in locking moisture for the brows. 

Looking forward to achieving beautiful fuller, looking brows? It's time to get started with eyebrow-nourishing oil from Savarnas Mantra. It has a perfect brow formula for healthy, beautiful eyebrows. Following a religious eyebrow care routine for 6-8 weeks is essential to achieve fuller, denser, and more beautiful eyebrows. If you are eager to revive and revitalize your brows, start immediately with natural brow nourishing oil and other eyebrow essentials from Savarnas Mantra!