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Top 7 Best Summer Skincare Essentials for 2023

Jul 07, 2023

Bhavini Desai

Top 7 Best Summer Skincare Essentials for 2023

Summer of ’23 is knocking at our doors. But are we ready? Not just with the 'hot summer bod’ and ‘Bar-B-Que’s by the pool,’ but with our skin essentials too! If not, then here’s the trending skincare for this year. It’s a mix of new ingredients and old routines. So even as Vitamin C, SPF, and clay masks continue to make the summer easier, we have some new oils and herbs that have wiggled into this list. Here are the top 7 best summer skincare essentials for 2023. 

  1. Pataua Oil Moisture

New entrant, this one. Pataua oil is extracted from a fruit of the same name, extensively found in South America. This oil from the Amazon forests is a newly discovered wonder in summer hydration. Why? Because it has some very particular qualities in a great combination — Pataua oil is lightweight and at the same time it is very nourishing. It gets absorbed in a jiffy but is just as moisturizing. This oil is suitable for mature skin as well as for oily skin. There are Vitamin A, E, and a host of amino acids that impart skin-firming properties. That is why we are positive that this year, Pataua oil is going to be a major hydrating ingredient for summer essentials. 

  1. Tulsi: The Ayurvedic Patent

Savarnas has been drawing its inspiration from Ayurveda for years now. But 2023 may just officially be the year when the world starts to take note. Tulsi, an Indian indigenous variety of the Basil plant, may come out of its Asian hibernation to show the world its healing properties. This plant is called the queen of herbs, and why not? It is a natural skincare ingredient. It is anti-fungal, antibacterial, works on acne scars, fades dark spots, and even helps reduce skin inflammation. Tulsi-rich serum or cream is a must-have in your summer skincare essentials of 2023. 

  1. Squalane Skincare

Squalane has been a hot favorite. In the last few years, we have seen its fame grow manifold. From just face oils to complex creams and serums, squalane’s hydrating properties have transcended mainstream skincare. It is so lightweight that your summer skin doesn’t feel greasy on application. Its non-comedogenic property only adds to this benefits. One of our personal favorites is the Savarnas Natural Vitamin E + Squalane Serum, meant specifically to keep your summer hot skin hydrated and non-greasy. 

  1. Vitamin C Supremacy

Vitamin C is a veteran in summer skincare. It has a host of skin-loving properties that make it perfect for skin-firming, skin-brightening, and anti-aging. All those dark spots and pigmentation areas during summer can be taken care of with Vitamin C-rich skincare. Make it preemptive, so that you can enjoy your days at the beach without fuss. If you are starting in the world of Vitamin C skincare, then try the Savarnas Natural Vitamin C Serum. It is fortified with age-defying additives like ferulic acid, Vitamins B, E, and a host of antioxidants for bright, even-toned, and firm skin. 

  1. Clay Face Masks

Summer sweat tends to attract lots of dirt, dust and grime. This unholy mix clogs your pores. And what better way to unclog them than a luxuriant clay mask? Bentonite clay, kaolin clay and Fuller’s earth are some of the most popular clay masks out there. You can pick any or all to see you through summer. Make it a weekend essential and keep that ‘clay mask date' with yourself! 

  1. Inclusive Sun Care

This one should ideally be at the top of the list; after all, SPF is everything to your summer skin. But this year, SPF is best used melded with your daily skincare. The innovative formulas have made it possible to add SPF to moisturizers and serums. This update is going to become quite mainstream. So be one step ahead and get yourself an SPF-rich summer lotion! 

  1. Skincare-Makeup Hybrid

Makeup that feels like skincare or skincare that looks like makeup? Pick either. That’s the greatest 2023 summer essential. The multitasking property of such a product will spoil you for anything else. A foundation that is rich in hydrating properties or supplies antioxidants to your skin? Yes, please! A brow gel that enriches your eyebrows with some nutrients? Makeup heaven! 

Such ‘biphasic’ cosmetics are going to be all about short-term makeup results with long-term skincare. You should spend this summer enjoying the Savarnas Ultimate Eyebrow Gel Collection which is powered with Pro-Vitamin B5. This means — your pigmented gel keeps your brows on fleek and also nourishes your eyebrow hairs for long-term health. Our collection promises you a range of colors too, from clear to taupe to shades of brown, and black! 

So, start stocking up on your summer skincare essentials for 2023. You won’t get time once those summer soirees and beach vacations kick off!