The Perfect Guide to Smooth, Soft and Beautiful Hands! – SavarnasMantra

The Perfect Guide to Smooth, Soft and Beautiful Hands!

May 16, 2022

Rini Jose

The Perfect Guide to Smooth, Soft and Beautiful Hands! - SavarnasMantra

We are much more conscious about our skin especially the facial and neck skin. But we often forget about the hands; they are excluded or not given proper care as you give for the face and neck. Hands, too, deserve the same care and attention while following an anti-aging routine, as the skin on the hands is the first to show the aging signs. And so, following a hand care routine is a necessity. Our hands are more exposed to dirt, grime, detergents, sun, etc. If they aren’t treated well, the skin turn dry, wrinkled, and peeling, which makes it looks older. Get to know more about handcare routine and its benefits. Scroll down; 

Why is it important to follow a handcare routine? 

As mentioned above, our hands are more exposed to dirt when we touch different surfaces. Besides, hands are also exposed to soaps, detergents, and even sanitizers. If you aren’t following a proper routine to care your hands, it can lead to dry skin, wrinkles, peeling, or cracked skin. So, following a routine similar to that of a skincare routine is important to keep your hands looking beautiful and young. 

How to develop a handcare routine?

The best part is that the handcare routine isn’t that tough; the same steps like cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing are followed in a handcare routine. Here’s an effective and easy guide to help you kick start your handcare routine. 


Keeping the hands clean is of utmost importance to stay healthy and also to maintain problem-free skin. We are used to touching the face more often. Ensure that you wash your hands when you touch any dusty particles or unhygienic surfaces, or else it may cause unwanted skin problems. 


Want soft and smooth hands? - The easiest way is to exfoliate them. While exfoliating, the dead skin cells are replaced, giving the hands a softer and fresh look. Exfoliating the hands twice a week will keep your hand smooth, soft, and beautiful. You may either choose a physical exfoliator, DIY natural exfoliators, or even the latest exfoliating option, a chemical scrub.  


It’s not only face or neck; the skin on the hands equally needs to be moisturized to remain healthy. Nowadays, the use of sanitizers has increased; this can make the skin dry and rough. So to prevent this, use a hand moisturizer. Luckily, many hand moisturizers and balms are available in the beauty market that can keep your hands moisturized and soft. If you have dry skin, you may even hunt for a cream-based sanitizer or the one with hydrating properties.  


UV rays are harmful to the hands as well. But most often, hands are left out in the cold while applying sunscreen. Like the face, hands are also exposed to direct sunlight, so applying sunscreen to the hands is essential to protect them from harsh UV rays.  

Home Remedies for Soft and Beautiful Hands

It’s quite obvious for the hands to get rough and dry. Want soft and smooth hands? You don’t need to spend a fortune on creams or treatments; just try out these natural remedies; 

  • Exfoliate your hands using Oatmeal:

Looking for a natural exfoliator to smoothen your hands? There is no better remedy than an oatmeal scrub to slough off the dead skin from the hands. A mix of finely ground powder of Oatmeal, a tablespoon of honey and water makes it a perfect scrub that can gift you soft and beautiful hands. Coconut oil can also be substituted for honey to exfoliate your hands.  

  • Moisturize your hands using Coconut Oil;

The moisturizing capability of coconut oil is known to all. When applied on the skin, coconut oil deeply moisturizes the hands. 

  • Olive oil to protect from aging:

Olive oil has high antioxidant properties, and it’s moisturizing too. When applied to the hands regularly, you can protect the hands and prevent them from premature aging. It has an amazing capability to soothe and moisturize dry skin. Just massage your hands using few drops of olive oil, leave it for some time and wash it off. You may leave them overnight by covering it up using a plastic wrap or glove for best results. 

  • Avocado hand mask for soft and smooth hands:

Avocados help soften dry skin, and it is a rich source of biotin. The next ingredient is egg white; it improves the skin's elasticity, firms it, and repairs the tissues. The third ingredient is lemon juice, the richest source of Vitamin C. It can help prevent premature aging and reduce sun damage. To prepare the DIY mask – you will need ½ avocado, one egg white, and one tablespoon of lemon juice; blend all the ingredients well using a fork to form a thick paste. Apply it to your hands, leave it for twenty minutes, give a gentle massage, and wash off using warm water. 

Soft and beautiful hands are no longer a dream if you give them the right care and protection it needs. By following a regular handcare routine, you can keep your hands soft and beautiful and keep the premature aging signs at bay.