Skin Exfoliation: How to Do it safely and effectively? – SavarnasMantra

Skin Exfoliation: How to Do it safely and effectively?

Apr 25, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

Skin Exfoliation: How to Do it safely and effectively? - SavarnasMantra

This is rightly said, “Excess of anything is bad.”Did you know, “Over-exfoliating is bad for your skin? Just exfoliating the skin is not enough. Exfoliating the skin in the right way is equally important. Exfoliation is a “golden rule” for great skin. Knowing the right technique to exfoliate can help you get better-desired results. All you need to exfoliate for that healthy glow. 

Skincare is an important part of self-care. Beautiful skin requires commitment with proper care. Exfoliation is an important part of this care. Understanding your skin cycle and being at a proper pace with it is very important. Skin exfoliation is a must because the body is constantly changing as the skin cells renew and regenerate. Yes, This needs skin exfoliation. 

At Savaranas Mantra, we believe that beautiful skin begins with exceptional skincare. Beauty is skin deep and you need to touch the inner layers of the skin to accentuate your beauty. Here, it implies eliminating the dirt and dead skin cells from the inner layer of the skin to unleash the beautiful healthy radiant glow of your face. 

How To Exfoliate and Why is Skin Exfoliation Important? 

Scientifically speaking, skin exfoliation is a crucial and important step in daily care. Did you know your face is the most exposed part of your body? Yes, it is exposed to dust, pollutants, toxins in air, UV rays, stress, and of course the makeup and beauty products you use. 

It is important to eliminate the skin of these toxic elements which can deposit at the end of the day. Deposition of these toxic elements can be difficult to deal with in long run and cause complications. Just washing your face is not enough at the end of the day. Mild exfoliation is important to slough off the dead layer of the skin. 

Nothing you put on your skin is going to work unless you exfoliate 

This is very true!! Clogged pores will not be able to absorb any nutrients and will remain on the skin causing more harm and damage. You need to take care to open the pores and make sure they absorb the good elements of the products you are using and help them retain the nutritive elements after the pore tightening and shrinking process is done. 

A gentle exfoliation a few times a week is essential

It is generally recommended to exfoliate twice a week for better results. With the new covid variants and other toxic pollutants cropping up every day, there is a need to exfoliate daily at times. But, what is crucial to know is to be gentle on the skin. A mild gentle exfoliation daily can work the best for everyday skincare. 

All skin types need exfoliation for a healthy glowing look. 

Better absorption with exfoliation 

Layering your skin with skin care products and makeup constantly can damage your skin. The bacteria start breeding on the top layer of the skin and may cause infections like acne. One needs to take off the skin in such cases. If you have been layering makeup and beauty skin care products daily and still do not see effective results, it’s time to change and EXFOLIATE. 

Let me give you a quick example. Just like when you are unwell and popping medicines, most of the time the medicines do not work in some chronic and complicated cases. Isn’t it true? Well, it is because of the lack of absorption of medicines. 

Simply applying skincare products or taking medicines with “ZERO ABSORPTION” can cause a build-up of toxicity. You need an outlet to vent out your toxicity and what’s better than EXFOLIATION  for your skin pores. 

Exfoliating in the right way is important. 

In the next step, we shall tell you steps to exfoliate 

Stay tuned, to check at Savarnas Mantra, Whether your exfoliation skincare is working? You will be amazed to know this little secret and enjoy the best skincare which you dreamt of. 


Pre- Exfoliation Care 

  • “Being Gentle” is the key to exfoliation
  • The exfoliating products are designed to extract the dirt from the pores, so you do not need to be harsh.
  • Professional and medically tested products work effectively without any side effects.
  • Be aware!! Over-exfoliation can cause redness, and irritation of the skin.

.Choose authentic products which are formulated and designed for face exfoliation.

  • A mild gentle product daily exfoliation can work wonders for the skin.
  • Use natural products with the goodness of nutrients and vitamins extracts.
  • Use gel-based and cream-based exfoliators that are soft on the skin 

Real-time Exfoliation Care 

  • Use a gentle cleanser before you kick start your exfoliation process
  • Make sure that there is no beauty product or makeup on your skin during exfoliation
  • A simple gentle face massage with the pulp of the fingers is the most effective way of exfoliating the face
  • You can also use a soft textured muslin cloth or a washcloth as well
  • Take care of your long nails so that it does not hurt your delicate facial skin
  • Use small circular motions on the cheek, forehead and later cover all the areas of the face.
  • Massage the T-zone of your face well starting from the forehead, nose, and chin.
  • Massage your jawline too.
  • Exfoliating with gentle massage for 5- 10 mins daily is enough for your skin. 

 Post- Exfoliation Care 

  • If possible, carry out the exfoliation process at night time as it gives healing time to the skin
  • Avoid stepping out in skin immediately after exfoliating
  • Make sure to use a natural toner to tighten and shrink pores after exfoliation
  • If you are thinking of stepping out in sun, make sure to apply sunscreen generously 

Whether your exfoliation skincare is working? 

We promised you a sneak peek at whether your exfoliating process is working or not the right way? Well, lets us jump-start and help you explore more on exfoliation scientifically at Savarnas Mantra. 

Skin pores are very small and mostly invisible to the eyes. Well, if they are visible, means you have “open pores.”This is mainly due to hormonal imbalance. 

Dont worry!!! We are not going to ask you to grab hold of magnifying glass for this. A simple way to know whether your exfoliation process or skin product is working is to EXERCISE AND SWEAT OUT !! 

Based on this, you can work towards rectifying your exfoliation process or may change your exfoliator product. 

And of course, if your sweat out means your pores are perfectly fine and unclogged.  This signifies your exfoliating process and skincare product is just PERFECT!!! Also, dont forget to thank us for helping you shed some calories with Savarnas Mantra