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Secrets to Help Your Makeup Last Longer

Jul 06, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

Secrets to Help Your Makeup Last Longer

Long-lasting makeup is a must for all busy bees. A beautiful makeup look can take anywhere between 10 mins to 30 mins in case of application. However, no matter how much care you take when applying makeup, it can wear off, smudge, or fade away. This may cause more touch-ups which can be avoided. 

There is good news with a few additional steps and the right set of products, your makeup would last for long. We have brought you some best tips which will keep your makeup hooked for a long time. Here are some good ways to ensure that makeup grips your skin well and makes you feel beautiful too. 

Before you decide to take off makeup, have a sneak peek at how to wear it for a long time. 

  • Prep well 

This pre-makeup step is very important and you should not skip it. This is only possible when you apply foundation on a clean base. Seems like CANVAS!!! Well, your face should be aesthetically beautiful when applying makeup and should not look patchy or uneven. Ensure to choose tailor-made steps which suit your facial skin. 

  • Follow your skincare regime well 

We know all women and girls crave makeup and can't wait to try the best or favorite beauty products. The only way for this to be possible is to follow a skincare and beauty regime religiously. Follow the CTM (Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturization) regularly, and do not skip your exfoliating weekly regime for a smooth base. 

Just the make-up, concealer, or under-eye corrector isn't enough for good makeup. These can be used as a quick fix for dark circles but do not serve the purpose of solutions. Make sure to use an under-eye cream and serum regularly to get rid of dark circles and uneven skin tone. Use under eye cream regularly to avoid wrinkles and fine lines or creases while applying eye makeup. 

  • Moisturize before makeup 

Even and smooth application is possible if you apply a serum and moisturizer which helps to ease and spread out makeup products beautifully on the skin. Make sure not to over-moisturize. If there is a thick layer of makeup, it is bound to slip off and not get absorbed well onto the skin. 

Wait for the serum and moisturizer to get completely absorbed into the skin. Use serum and moisturizer which has a high absorption rate. This will ensure that your skin is bouncy to feel, supple, and glows well. This will also keep the shiny greasy appearance at bay. 

  • Face primer is a must 

The majority of us skip this step of applying face primer. If you want your makeup to last long ensure you set up that perfect even base for your skin. Choose an anti-aging primer that contains hyaluronic acid to seal in moisture. 

  • Ensure thin layer application 

This helps in easy absorption into the skin cells. Layering with serum, moisturizer and primer is important but do not overlayer it!!! Keep in minimal and best makeup and skincare products with high absorption power. This will avoid creases and smudged makeup. Work out for thin layers with proper blending and coverage. 

  • Use setting powder and spray 

For long-lasting makeup, ensure to use some mineral-based setting makeup powder which will keep sweat and oiliness at bay. Also, end it up in style with some setting makeup spray which will give you a dewy finish and avoid makeup looking cakey!! 

  • Choose make-up and skin care products wisely 

Here are the best tips for helping makeup look natural, and last longer- 

  • Invest in natural beauty skincare products over conventional beauty products
  • Choose mineral-based makeup
  • Use the right texture of makeup like gels, powders, liquid, and creams
  • Ensure using good brushes for flawless skin
  • Use waterproof makeup like lash mascara