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How Does Stress Affect Your Skin? Best Ways to Ease It!

Jul 07, 2022

Rini Jose

How Does Stress Affect Your Skin? Best Ways to Ease It!

The hectic workload and lifestyle make us more stressed than we used to be. Previously, it was considered a psychological issue, but now many studies and experts have shown that it can also affect physical health. It means the whole body, including skin, nails, and hair, gets badly affected when you are stressed out. Do you want to know how increased stress affects the skin? We will help you understand in detail how stress can take a toll on your skin and the best ways to tackle them; Read on; 

How does stress affect your skin? 

Stress can be categorized into two mainly- acute and chronic. When you are stressed more, you get to experience adverse effects on the skin. Chronic stress is more harmful to your skin because when you're stressed more, it releases cortisol and adrenaline, which causes increased oil production, leading to clogged pores and eventually results in acne breakouts. Let's have a look at how increased stress levels in your body affect your skin; 

Worsen Existing skin conditions: 

When stressed out, it not only leads to new skin problems but also aggravates the existing ones. Skin conditions like rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, etc., get triggered. When the stress hormones like cortisol are released more, it leads to inflammation, which may cause a rash or eczema flare-up.  


There are various reasons acne develops on the skin, among which stress is one of the most common. It is because cortisol is released when the body is stressed for a prolonged time, which signals the skin to increase oil production. These oils clog the skin's pores and turn out into acne breakouts. Similarly, if you have acne-prone skin, the increased stress levels can potentially make them worse.  

Dry skin: 

Another major skin condition, which is caused by increased stress levels, is dry skin. It is because of the increase in a hormone called adrenaline. This hormone tends the body to produce more sweat by stimulating the eccrine glands. This, in turn, leads to dehydration, making the skin dry out more.  

Best Tips to de-stress for healthy skin: 

By now, you would probably be clear about how stress affects the skin and the problems faced by the skin due to the increased stress levels. So, to maintain a problem-free and clear skin, you need to give proper care to the skin and follow methods to reduce the stress levels and keep them balanced. Here are some tips to de-stress that can keep you mentally and physically healthy;

Find time for Exercise: Exercising is one of the best ways that you may opt to keep yourself mentally and physically healthy.   

Maintain a healthy lifestyle: Follow a healthy and balanced diet and ensure that your body gets enough rest by following a proper sleep routine. Getting the right amount of sleep, i.e. (7-9 hours), is a must. 

Engage in relaxing activities: 

Finding time for activities, especially those you are interested in, can significantly help reduce stress.  

Emotional Support: When you're stressed, discuss it with your friends or people close to you. You may even seek the help of mental health professionals who would help you better to overcome the problem.  

Follow a relaxing skincare routine: You may invest in following a relaxing skincare routine- anti-stress skincare. While following an anti-stress skincare routine, choose products that can hydrate and soothe the skin. Including products containing peptides will significantly help to improve collagen levels. 

Best Ways to take care of Stressed Skin: 

Here are some of the best ways to relax your skin when it is stressed; 

Gentle Cleansing: Cleansing is the first and one of the most vital steps in skincare. When your skin is stressed, avoid using cleansers with harsh ingredients and be gentle while cleansing the skin. A natural facial cleanser with hydrating ingredients will be an excellent choice for stressed skin. You may try Savarnas Mantra® Natural Wheat Germ Cleanser to soothe irritated skin.  

Moisturize it: Choose a natural moisturizer filled with antioxidants and skin-soothing ingredients. Savarnas Mantra® Natural Ultimate Nourishing Hyaluronic Moisturizer is ultra-hydrating and helps plump the skin's appearance. 

Use a face mask: Applying a soothing and refreshing mask is undoubtedly the best treatment for stressed skin. A natural face mask is mild, deeply nourishes and hydrates the skin. Try Savarnas Mantra® Natural Restorative Mask made with skin-soothing natural ingredients like Aloe Vera and arnica extracts. Using restorative face masks helps calm and reduce irritation on the skin. Besides, it helps refresh the skin, improve its texture, and help hydrate and balance it.  

Engage in relaxing activities: Finding time for activities, especially those you are interested in, can significantly help reduce stress.  

If you want to stay healthy, managing stress levels is essential. Identify and follow the best stress management techniques that work for you to ease stress and keep you relaxed and happy.