Aug 18, 2018

Savarnas Mantra



 Clear and flawless skin is on everyone’s wish-list. Blemishes can be a major bump in the road to complexion perfection. Blemishes are something that always makes you feel self-conscious and we tend trying to get rid of them as soon as possible.

How to recognize skin blemishes:

 Blemishes are also called hyper-pigmentations. Skin blemishes are not very hard to recognize, you could easily recognize once you notice some of its symptoms. Blemishes are consequences of the alteration in evenness of skin color resulting which your skin may appear lighter, darker or pinker than that of surrounding skin color. They are the patches or spots on your skin. Skin blemishes can be of varied shape and size. Blemishes are usually visible on hands and face.

Causes of blemishes:

We have fought with blemishes at one or the other point in life, have you ever wondered what are the reasons to them? Blemishes are primarily caused primarily due to pimples, acne, white heads, black heads etc. Some of the common causes of blemishes are,

  • Hormonal fluctuations are something that plays a crucial role in blemishes.
  • Excess production of oil on skin can increase the chances of blemish on skin.
  • Touching your face too often may result in adding dirt and bacteria to your skin which may cause blemishes.
  • When you find skin breakouts or blemishes on your chin, neck or jaw-line the might be a result of too much consumption of dairy products.
  • Being too much stressed can also be a reason for a blemished skin.
  • Be careful while choosing beauty products, you might get blemishes when your skin is introduced to new ones.
  • Whether affects your skin a lot and it can be a reason for the blemishes on your skin.

 Blemishes Treatment:

The market is flooded with products to battle blemishes, but finding the best for is often tuff, to make it cherry on the cake with all the cures and precautions for blemishes, here is a natural treatment cream that you will simply love,

Natural Blemish Treatment

This natural treatment directly targets blemishes on the spot. It contains elements that effectively dry out blemishes for clearer skin. Natural Blemish Treatment will dry up your blemishes overnight, exfoliate your pores, and reverse the inflammation process.

Preventing skin blemishes:

Killing those devils (blemishes) on your skin is possible and also not too difficult task, just little prevention that you need to follow and you can get rid of this hard-hitting skin problem.

  • Drink a lot of water throughout the day to flourish out toxins from your body.
  • Have a diet that includes a lot of nutrients and minerals that keeps your skin healthy.
  • Cut out all junk food, alcohol, tobacco, caffeine from your food list.
  • Stop touching your skin every now and then especially when its dirt prone.
  • Try using as much as natural and organic products as you can to nourish your skin.
  • Avoid excessive exposure to sun.
  • Cosmetics are one of the main reasons for blemishes so try not using a lot of cosmetics.

 Pamper your skin with all good things it need and always make sure to give your skin the right care at right time.