Quick Eye Makeup Routine – SavarnasMantra

Quick Eye Makeup Routine

May 31, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

Quick Eye Makeup Routine - SavarnasMantra

Instant meals, instant coffee, and now instant makeup? Well, that’s true, we want everything instant and quick these days. Time is a very important factor in our lives. We get up every day to hit our offices with busy schedules. We quickly run through our daily morning routine with breakfast and getting ready.  And here comes our makeup!!! 

Focusing on eye makeup can be a little difficult as you need to give it some time. When it comes to eyes, you need to be patient and gentle. With daily practice, you will definitely become an expert and master in eye makeup. 

Today, we will tell you about a quick eye makeup routine that is super easy and requires almost no time. This will add some glamor to your everyday look and drama to your eyes. All you need is some products and a couple of minutes. From glittery eyelids to lip color, you will find everything interesting in your look every day. 

Eyebrow and lash care at night for refreshing mornings 

We generally just get hold of eyeliner and mascara to get a quick eye makeup done. Caring for eyes every night can be great before hitting the bed. Make sure to follow this simple night care routine for the eyes which can be an easier solution for the morning. 

Eye products


Under-eye serum

Smoothens under-eye skin for even application of eye makeup

Eyelash oil

For longer, thicker and healthy eyelashes to prevent breakage of lashes

Eyebrow nourishing oil

 For thicker and fuller eyebrows

Brow brush

To comb brows and improve blood circulation


Once your base and foundation are strong you can go ahead and experiment with different styles of eye makeup which will be trendy and in fashion forever!!! 

Let us discuss some quick eye makeup styles that you add up to your routine- 

Pop of color 

Add a dash of colorful eyeliner which may be matt or glittery but remember to keep the rest of the face makeup soft and neutral. This will add intensity to your eyes. Draw a dash of colorful liner very close to your lash line. Some lilac, nude, and ombre colors will look very classy and amazing for your eyes. 

Glossy eyelids 

This is a great way to grab some attention from your eyes. Glossy eyelids will add radiance and glow bringing more light to your eyes. It will give your eyes a sparkling effect. Add a dash of black eyeliner and you are all set to shine!!! And of course, your favorite lash mascara. 

Subtle winged look 

This is everyone’s favorite and staple too. This gives an illusion of a cat-eye look. Choose a matt eyeshadow for eyelids that will add some softness to your eyes. Use some neutral and warm rosy pink hue shades along with the winged look. 

Shimmery eyes 

Dealing with tired eyes in the morning? Take a cool shower and add some shimmer to your eyes. Dab some shimmer on the center of the eyelids and corner of the eyes. 

Monochromatic eyes 

If you are short of time and short space in your handbag, this is the best solution. Use the same tone of eyes, cheeks, and lips. Dab some blush on eyelids and cheekbones too with similar lip color. 

Fuller lashes 

For full fluffy eyelashes, try double curling your lashes. Use some natural lash serum before you apply your lash mascara for healthier and thicker lashes. Add two coats of lash mascara for a voluminous look. 

Use a perfect match of eyeliner with your eye color 

This looks amazing too, if you have brown eyes, or maybe light eyes, choose a perfect eyeliner that matches your eye color. This will make your eyes look brighter and more awake. 

Get ready to dazzle these 7 unique styles as compared to conventional eye makeup. Do this every day of the week and watch compliments coming your way with every style. Don't forget your night eye care routine for healthy brows and lashes.