How do makeup users prevent eye health problems? – SavarnasMantra

How do makeup users prevent eye health problems?

May 31, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

How do makeup users prevent eye health problems? - SavarnasMantra

Eye problems are very frequent in makeup users. Well, most women are addicted to eye makeup. And, why not !!! Make-up enhances your beauty. Women are bound to get attracted to many new upcoming or trending makeup products. Makeup products and cosmetics can cause irritation to the eyes and the skin around the eyes. One must make sure to use makeup safely around the eyes to take care not to damage the eyes. 

How does eye makeup cause eye problems? 

Many women apply eye makeup on a regular basis and have made this a part of their daily routine. This beauty ritual is followed by many women worldwide. Eye makeup can sometimes put a strain on the eyes and impact the vision if not applied carefully. To ensure eye safety, we have compiled some cosmetic safety tips, so that you can look at your best while protecting your health. Let us first know the causative factor of eye problems and some symptoms which can cause eye issues due to makeup. 

Causative factors of eyes

Symptoms of eye make up


●        Eyelid dermatitis

●        Infection keratitis

●        Eye makeup deposits 

●        Not applying makeup properly

●        Frequently changing the eye make up products

●        Leaving makeup overnight

●        Residual makeup

●        Use products loaded with harmful ingredients

●        Touching eye too frequently

●        Debris loaded in eyes- Dacryolith



●        Redness of eyes

●        Irritation of eyes

●        Watering of eyes

●        Eye pain

●        Swelling of eyelids in case of infection

●        Styes or boils on eyelids

●        Loss of eyelashes

●        Loss of brows

●        Temporary cloudiness of eyes

●        Scratching of the cornea due to injury to eyes



What can I do to protect my eyes? 

Before you step in front of the mirror, it is important to make sure that your beauty routine isn't coming at the possible expense of your eye health. Ensure that you carry out the right and safe practice for healthy beauty rituals. Does that mean that you have to give up on eye makeup? Well, the answer is no. As rightly said, “Never give up in life.” It is important to figure out problems and find the right solution. Once you do that, remember, that prevention is a key for eye health issues. 

Prevention of eye health issues due to makeup 

  1. Practice good makeup hygiene
  2. Clean your brushes daily
  3. Keep an eye on the expiration date of the makeup product
  4. Never share makeup or applicators
  5. Take care while experimenting with new eye makeup products
  6. Keep under-eye skin moisturized with eye serum
  7. Prevent eye infection
  8. Choose some eyelash serum and eyebrow oil for healthy lashes and brows
  9. Keep your eyelids clean
  10. Take care if you are wearing a contact lens
  11. Avoid any accidental jab while using eye makeup
  12. Check for the efficacy of the eye products used
  13. Do your research well while shopping for eye makeup products
  14. Choose natural botanical extracts over conventional eye makeup products
  15. Use a gentle cleanser and close your eyes while splashing water on your face 

Savarnas Mantra aims at promoting healthy practices for beauty rituals while making you look and feel the best. It is advisable to be gentle and careful with your skin around the eyes due to high sensitivity.