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Most Harmful Skincare ingredient to Avoid and Why

Jun 05, 2022

Rini Jose

Most Harmful Skincare ingredient to Avoid and Why

We all are sure about following a beauty routine to maintain healthy and younger-looking skin. Most of us put a lot of effort while choosing products for skincare. Indeed, most of us are sure about what to include in our skincare routine or which ingredients work great on the skin. But do you know which ingredients are harmful to your skin? Get to know the skincare ingredients that are harmful to your skin and the reasons why you should keep them away. Scroll down;

Harmful Skincare Ingredients to Avoid:

We use a lot of skincare products daily, of which some contain harmful ingredients that can take a toll on your skin and even your health. Like how we believe in clean eating for a healthy body, the same applies to maintaining healthy skin and body as well. It is because what you apply on the skin gets absorbed and it comes in contact with the bloodstream. We've rounded up the most harmful chemicals that are in no way going to help your skin but instead harm them;


This term is much more familiar for many as dermatologists and skincare experts keep stressing about using parabens-free skincare products. But why? Parabens are one of the most commonly used ingredients to keep the product fresh- moreover, as a preservative. It is added to most skincare products as they are pretty inexpensive. Parabens are mostly found in body lotion, foundation, face cleansers and shampoo.

When you use a product containing parabens, it can aggravate the skin condition, cause irritation, allergies to the skin etc. According to certain studies, when used regularly on the skin, parabens can interrupt the hormones in the body, which may harm reproductive organs, fertility and, in worst cases, may even increase the risk of cancer.


Another preservative which is commonly found in skincare products to reduce harboring harmful bacteria. They are mostly used in shampoo, body wash etc. According to studies, this ingredient may cause irritation to the eyes, skin and lungs and is more often linked to neurotoxicity, asthma etc. Though a small amount is harmless, it can badly affect the health in many ways when exposed to higher levels.

SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate)

Next on the list is the SLS, a cleansing agent that can cause allergies and irritation to the eyes, lungs and skin. Some findings also say that this ingredient can also cause non-reproductive organ toxicity. Skincare products use this ingredient mainly because of its surfactant nature, and it is a foam booster that has the power to turn a body wash or cleanser into a smooth lather. To be more precise, SLS is the ingredient that makes the foam and bubbles in various skincare products. Besides, after usage, your skin feels fresh and clean. This harmful ingredient is commonly found in bubble baths, shampoo and body wash.


When we hunt for skincare products, most of us look for "skin lightening" products. Hydroquinone is an ingredient used mainly to bleach the skin, especially to treat hyperpigmentation. This ingredient can reduce melanin; hence it temporarily lightens the skin and gives a whitening effect. However, when used frequently, it damages the skin because of its harsh alteration paving the way for skin concerns like pre-ageing and blemishes.  Skin cleansers, facial moisturizers, hair conditioners, skin lighteners, etc., commonly use this harmful ingredient.


This is quite a common ingredient we get to see in most skincare and cosmetic products. Be it natural or artificial fragrances; both can have an adverse effect on the skin. Synthetic fragrances are a blend of chemicals like solvents that can badly irritate the skin. Some studies have also shown that these fragrances are the primary cause of allergic reactions on the skin. Eczema and psoriasis are some of the skin problems caused because of the chemicals used in them.

How to reduce exposure to harmful chemicals?

Now that you are aware of the most harmful skincare ingredients, the best way is to find skincare products free of these toxic chemicals. Ensure that you scroll through the ingredients list before deciding any skincare products.

If you have sensitive or acne-prone skin or are concerned about skin health, swap your skincare products with natural ones. Natural skincare products mainly contain potent natural ingredients that are gentle, skin-friendly and are less likely to cause irritation on the skin. If you want natural skincare products that are free of chemicals and safe on your skin, try out the natural skincare range by Savarnas Mantra.

A skincare routine is a necessity to maintain problem-free and healthy skin. But at the same time, be wise enough to choose what is good for your skin and avoid what is bad for them. Get to know more about the ingredients that can harm your skin and health and ensure that the products you pick for your beauty routine are free from these harsh ingredients.