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Is It Necessary to Refrigerate Skincare Products?

Aug 24, 2022

Rini Jose

Is It Necessary to Refrigerate Skincare Products?

Recently, a tiny cute appliance has been popular among beauty lovers, along with skincare products. Wondering what's that? A mini fridge! Not just to store chocolates and snacks but to refrigerate the skincare products. Yes, though it isn't mentioned on the products to refrigerate, there are products that dermatologists and beauty experts recommend storing in a fridge. Indeed some studies state that storing skincare products in the fridge greatly helps to increase their shelf life. Let's find out if it's necessary to store skincare products in a refrigerator and which products have to be stored in a fridge. Read on; 

Skincare Fridge: Is it really needed?

As the name suggests, a skincare fridge is a cute mini refrigerator used to store skincare products that require a cool space. When refrigerated, the skincare products with some specific ingredients that are unstable remain stable and fresh for a long time. 

Now, whether you need to refrigerate the skincare products? - It's completely your choice. However, storing certain skincare items can be beneficial in numerous ways; get to know them and decide on whether to store your skincare essentials in a fridge or not; 

Benefits of Storing Skincare Products in Refrigerator 

Increased shelf life

Not all, but most skincare products can sometimes cost an arm and a leg. But most often use only a small amount of these products on the skin. In this case, storing these products in the fridge will help to increase their shelf life which in turn helps to use the maximum out of it.  

Helps reduce inflammation

Applying cold products to your skin helps in soothing skin inflammation, itchiness and sunburn. Besides, using chilled products instantly reduces heat, which is one of the reasons behind breakouts.  

Keep the products free from bacteria and germs.

Sometimes when we don't use a skincare product for a longer time or due to climatic changes, there are changes for it to develop bacteria. Instead, when you store these skincare items in the fridge, the cold temperature helps to keep the products free from bacteria and germs.  

Increase the efficacy of the products

Though it isn't needed for all the products you use on the skin, it helps, at least for a few of them, like night creams. According to dermatologists, refrigerating the products helps keep ingredients active for a long time. Apart from under-eye creams, gels, sheet masks etc. works better when it's stored in a cool place.  

You can store your skincare tools too.

If you use tools like gua sha and rollers, storing them in a fridge makes it more effective, especially in reducing inflammation and de-puffing the skin. 

All your skincare essentials in one place

When you store skincare products and tools in the refrigerator, it makes them easy for you to access. There are fewer chances for the products to misplace. Not only that, this compact and cute-looking fridge takes very little space where all your skincare essentials can be neatly organized.  

Does refrigerating increase the absorbency of skincare products?

Applying the skincare products stored in the fridge indeed gives instant relief to the skin, especially in soothing redness, inflammation and itchiness. But in terms of absorbency, most skincare products, especially serums, penetrate faster, even when stored at room temperature. Similarly, some products are more efficient when used at night and some during the day. 

Products That Can Be Stored In Refrigerator

Storing the skincare products in the fridge is good, but not all of them can be refrigerated. Take a look at the skincare products that needs a colder environment; 

Eye Care Products: Eye masks, under-eye creams, and under-eye serums, when stored at a cooler temperature, instantly refresh and relax your under-eye area.  

Sheet Masks: Sheet masks are meant to hydrate and refresh your skin instantly, and they work the best when stored in a fridge. If you don't want to apply that chilled mask onto your skin, leave them out from the refrigerator for an hour before using them. 

Toners: Face mists or toners are more effective when chilled. Using cold toners instantly calms the skin and aids in reducing redness.  

Serums: Using facial serums stored in cold temperatures is more effective in calming the skin and tightening the pores.  

Some other skincare essentials that can be stored in your skincare fridge are jade rollers, gels, vitamin c, products using fruits, food or plant ingredients etc. 

Skincare Products That Should Not Be Refrigerated 

While understanding refrigerating skincare products, knowing which products shouldn't be chilled is important. Avoid storing skincare products like; 

  • Cleansers
  • Scrubs
  • Oil-based products  

To conclude, storing certain skincare products can help them work better and improve their shelf life. But it doesn't mean you always have to use only products stored in cold temperatures. If the products are of excellent quality and tailored with the best ingredients, like Savarnas Mantra's natural skincare range, they can deliver excellent results.