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How to Wake Up to a Bright and Glowing Morning Face

Sep 02, 2022

Rini Jose

How to Wake Up to a Bright and Glowing Morning Face

Waking up to a healthy-looking glowing face will make your day bright. At the same time, waking to dull and rough skin can spoil your entire mood too. Following a simple and consistent nighttime skincare routine is the key to achieving that natural glow on your skin when you wake up. Luckily you have plenty of tips and products that can help nourish, repair, and rejuvenate your skin. Want to explore the secret to pampering your skin at night to wake up to a bright and glowing face in the morning? - read on 

Best Ways to Brighten Your Mornings with a Glowing Skin 

You don't need to complicate your nighttime skincare routine or layer many products on your skin to make your skin look fresh and glowing in the morning. A minimal skincare routine to cleanse, treat and hydrate the skin with some healthy habits is all you need.  

Makeup Removal Comes First

Sleeping with makeup on is one of the worst practices that hinder your skin's natural glow when you wake up. Besides, it also clogs the pores, accelerates aging, and causes many other skin problems. To avoid all these, eliminating the makeup with a makeup remover is the best way. Avoid using products with harsh or toxic chemicals to remove the makeup, as it can irritate or damage the skin. Savarnas Mantra® Natural Makeup Remover is an oil-free, gentle makeup remover with natural cleansing ingredients. It helps to eliminate even the toughest makeup stains and eye makeup effortlessly, leaving your skin clean and fresh. 

Cleanse, Treat and Hydrate

These are the most crucial steps for fresh, healthy, and problem-free skin. Our skin undergoes the natural repair process during the night. And so, when you layer them with skin nourishing and hydrating products, it optimizes the healing process. Here is the natural skincare range from Savarnas Mantra to incorporate into your nighttime skincare routine for a fresh and healthy glow; 

  • Cleanse: A hydrating natural cleanser with natural derivatives can remove the buildup left on the skin after removing makeup and freshen up your skin. Savarnas Mantra® Natural Wheat Cleanser contains natural oils and ingredients that can soften, hydrate, and repair the skin.  
  • Treat: For treating various skin concerns, there is no better product than a facial serum, and that, too, the one infused with natural ingredients benefits the most. After cleansing the skin, patting on a few drops of facial serum can hydrate, nourish and address the skin concerns like aging, hyperpigmentation, skin discoloration, acne, dark spots, etc. Prepared using the benefits of rare Swiss apple Savarnas Mantra® Natural Youth Stem Serum helps improve skin cell longevity, repairs damaged tissues, and protect against damage induced by UV rays.  
  • Hydrate: One of the most crucial steps in skincare that can gift you a soft and plump appearance is to apply a moisturizer. It's vital to moisturize the skin twice a day to provide adequate hydration and essential nutrients and improve the skin's texture. Savarnas Mantra® Natural Ultimate Nourishing Hyaluronic Moisturizer is a lightweight moisturizer that absorbs quickly onto the skin providing multi-layered moisture to the skin. It is crafted with potent ingredients and oils to nourish and hydrate the skin. Besides, it is also effective in lessening early aging signs like fine lines and wrinkles on the skin.  

Give the necessary TLC to your under eyes.

When the whole face looks bright and healthy, a dull-looking under eyes is more than enough to spoil the look and make a face look dull. Night time is the best to hydrate and nourish the under-eye area. A formulated under-eye cream reinforces the skin under the eyes, nurtures them, and deeply hydrates. Include Savarnas Mantra® Natural Age Defying under Eye Cream in the night beauty routine to strengthen the area under the eyes and keep the under-eye concerns at bay. 

Drink enough water to hydrate

Drinking water before bedtime can benefit the skin; it mainly flushes out toxins during sleep time while providing better sleep. However, drinking more water before bedtime can disturb your night's sleep. And so, drink water or other liquids two hours before bedtime.  

Change your pillowcase

Not just clean pillowcases, but soft ones are better for your skin. Silk pillowcases cause less friction to the skin, hence preventing skin irritation. Also, they don't absorb the products you have used on the skin, like cotton pillowcases. 

Ensure that you get adequate sleep

Despite following all these rituals, you'll wake up to dull skin with puffy and swollen eyes if you lack sleep. Following a sleep routine is beneficial not only for a healthy body but for the skin too. A night of good and sound sleep for at least eight hours is vital for healthy skin.  

Grab your bedtime skincare essentials from Savarnas Mantra® and follow these tips to wake to crystal clear skin.