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How to Use Eyebrow Gel for Perfect Definition & Texture of Eyebrows

Feb 06, 2020

Dan Singh

How to Use Eyebrow Gel for Perfect Definition & Texture of Eyebrows

How to Use Eyebrow Gel for Perfect Definition & Texture of Eyebrows  

Eyebrow Gels are just perfect for defining your brows. Your brows need the special care and attention so that they look beautiful and gives you an instant facelift. Brow care is a pleasure with Savarnas Mantra® products! 

Eyebrows are a very crucial part of the human face. They help give facial expressions and are important in communicating with each other. It is the slowest growing hair on human body and each brow hair has a time span of approximately four months, but still the brow care needs our utmost attention, since eyebrows define our personality.    

Savarnas Mantra® Eyebrow Gels  have strong pigmentation and give the brows a natural finish. There are fibres included in this Gel which add volume to the brows and fill in the sparse areas. It volumizes and sets the brow leaving a polished finish. It has Pro vitamin B5 for added health of your brows. The waterproof & smudge resistant Eyebrow Gel is the one to adorn your makeup box with!!  

It helps to give your brows a subtle dose of color & keeps them looking full & tidy all day. Savarnas Mantra® offers Clear gel, Dark Brown, Soft Black and Taupe color shades as well .