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How to take care of your lips in summer?

Sep 05, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

How to take care of your lips in summer?

Summer reminds us of sunshine at the beaches. Well, before enjoying the beachy sunshine and summertime, you need to take care of the skin. Today’s blog is just beyond summer care for the skin. It is about summer care for lips. Quite excited to know more? Let us get started with the blog for pinky rosy soft lips which are important not only for summer but for all seasons with a beautiful smile. Without any further ado, let us get started with summer care for lips. 

Why is lip care important for summer? 

Well, we are aware of lip care in winter for dry chapped lips. You might be wondering why summer care is important for your lips. It is for hyperpigmented dark lips. Correct, when sunshine is around, darkness and tanning are bound to happen to the skin and lips. 

Facial skin and skin for lips are very tender. They are sensitive and thinner in nature which makes them more prone to sun damage. Just normal SPF is not a solution for lips. You cannot just get away by applying sunscreen and sunblock to your face. You need a lip product with SPF protection for it. Apart from this, there are other protective measures that you cannot take to avoid the hyperpigmentation of lips during summer. 

Summertime requires additional care for lips. Follow this guide to take care of your lips in summer. 

Lip Care in Summers 

Lip is a delicate facial aesthetic that needs pampering in all seasons. After all, it's your smile that captures the heart. During summer, the scorching sun can snatch away the plumpiness and dewy effect of your skin. The sun's heat can be very drying for lips. Along with this, it can also cause hyperpigmentation. That is why it is essential to give extra care to lips during the summers. 

Here is the right guide which can tell you how to take care of your lips. 

Top 10 steps for lip care during summers 


Steps to follow

Step #1

Get Sun Protection

Step #2

Keep lips hydrated by quenching your thirst

Step #3

Do not lick your lips frequently

Step #4

Exfoliate once a week

Step #5

Use natural lip scrub

Step #6

Take small sips of water

Step #7

Apply a moisturizing lip balm with Vitamin E

Step #8

Apply lip balm before your favorite lipstick

Step #9

Massage your lips with natural oils

Step #10

Use lip plumper to lock in moisture

Step #1 Get Sun Protection 

It is important to get sun protection in the summer. Even in winter and on cloudy days, it is important to wear sunscreen all the time of the day. When it comes to lips, it is important to wear an SPF-protected and hydrating lip balm which will help in keeping the lips moisturized. The harsh UV rays can damage the skin cells. So, make sure to wear sunscreen with SPF moisturizing lip balm. 

Step #2 Keep lips hydrated by quenching your thirst 

Keep lips hydrated by drinking water and healthy juices. As the sun can take away the dewy effect and cause dehydration, it is important to keep optimum hydration levels. 

Step #3 Do not lick your lips frequently 

Sun’s heat can cause dehydrated lips which may make you more prone to licking lips. This will cause your SPF-protected lip balm to wear off as well. Avoid licking your lips frequently. Instead, do the next step. 

Step #4 Take small sips of water 

Taking small sips of water at regular intervals during summer is a must. It will help your dehydrated body, skin, and lips. Keep a cooling water bottle or jar beside you while at work and keep sipping some hydrating liquids like lemon water, coconut water, and green tea. 

Step #5 Use natural lip scrub 

Lip scrub is great not only for eliminating dry and dead skin but also for removing tanning and pigmentation. Use some fine sugar with honey for exfoliation and add a few drops of lemon for a brightening effect. Do not worry if you swallow it. It is a perfect home remedy for a lip scrub. 

Step #6 Exfoliate lips once a week 

Ensure to exfoliate once a week and apply some lip oil or lip balm. It is advisable to exfoliate in the evening or night to avoid sun exposure after exfoliation.

Step #7 Apply a moisturizing lip balm with Vitamin E 

Always wear a lip balm when you step out in the sun with vitamin E oil. This will maintain optimum moisturization and prevent dehydrated lips. 

Step #8 Apply lip balm before your favorite lipstick 

Lipsticks can wear off in summer due to sweat easily. Ensure to apply some lip balm before lipstick. Also, some matt lips are very drying. A lip balm will keep lips moisturized. Allow the lip creme to get absorbed completely before applying your favorite lipstick. 

Step #9 Massage your lips with natural oils 

Massaging your lips with almond oil once or twice a week can work wonders to provide shiny and rosy lips. 

Step #10 Use a lip plumper to lock in moisture 

Apply a hyaluronic acid lip plumper with natural botanical extracts which will lock in some moisturize into the lip skin cells. 

Preserve your baby's lips with these lip pampering techniques which are great for overall lip health. Do not forget to dazzle with your ever-beautiful smile!!