How to Pick the Right Moisturizer for Summers? – SavarnasMantra

How to Pick the Right Moisturizer for Summers?

Mar 21, 2022

Bhavini Desai

How to Pick the Right Moisturizer for Summers? - SavarnasMantra

Moisturiser is the skin’s water. Your skin needs it from Monday through Sunday, from season to season. They say you need it the most in the winter season. And that may be true. But summer moisturizing is just as important! Because the skin doesn’t see seasons before getting dehydrated. Yes, there are changes in the air quality, humidity, temperature, and other factors, but summer skin needs its fair share of hydration.  

However, you cannot continue to use the same moisturizer as it is intense, rich, and maybe too heavy for the hot humid air of summer. So how to choose your moisturizer? Well, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how to pick the right moisturizer for summer.  

Why Change your Moisturizer for Summer?

There are a few reasons to change your moisturizer for summer:

  • You don’t wear your thick, heavy winter clothes under the summer sun. Then why would you use your creamy, rich winter moisturizer in this season? 
  • Winter moisturizers are intensely hydrating, which is not required in summer because the air is warmer, lighter, and makes you sweat more often. 
  • Instead of creamy, you should go for water-based moisturizers and lotions in summer so that your skin doesn’t become greasy. Cream and sweat are not a very fun combination.
  • In winter, you may enjoy your moisturizer lingering on your skin, making you feel the heaviness under the cold air. But summer is so hot and humid, you just need your face to feel light. So quick-absorbing moisturizers are always preferred. They make you feel like your face is completely bare.  

How to choose your Moisturizer?

While choosing the most appropriate summer moisturizer, there are a few things that you should keep in mind: 

  • The Texture

The texture of your moisturizer is what weighs on your skin. Creamy and heavy moisturizers are good for wintertime, but they make your skin feel greasy and weighted in summer. They bind with the natural oils of your skin and make you feel icky only a couple of hours after application. You sweat, walk under the sun, enjoy outdoor activities, and have a long day overall. So choose something light, and water-based. In summer, you should use gel moisturizers or lotions. 

  • The Formula 

Switch to a quick-absorbing formula. This type of moisturizer seeps quickly into your skin and instantly works to make it smooth and supple. Since it does not linger on the surface of your skin like heavy winter moisturizers, there is less chance of clogged pores and skin oils mixing with it.  

  • The Ingredients

Summer brings to mind soothing cucumbers and ice chips, ripe lemons and sprigs of mint. Why? Because they are cooling and soothing to our senses. Similarly, when choosing the right moisturizer for summer you need to take a look if the ingredients are summer appropriate. Some coveted ingredients which are skin-soothing, cooling and sun-blocking agents are welcome. Eg. moisturizers with aloe vera, Vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, etc are better suited for summer. 

  • The SPF

This is a very important consideration. In summer, you are bound to spend time outdoors, under the sun. And you may apply your sunscreen regularly, but an added bonus is a moisturizer with SPF. For those of us who forget to put on sunscreen, this is a blessing. Choose a moisturizer with higher SPF and you’ve got a 2-in-1 skincare product for summer! 

  • The Fragrance

Well, who doesn’t want to smell fresh and invigorating during summer? Deodorants and body mists are for the body, but it is a luxury to turn your face into your shoulder and smell the subtle refreshing scent of your moisturizer. So pick one that has a nice fragrance, something that makes you feel fresh and cool in the summer heat.  

How to Moisturise in Summer 

In the summer season, you may not feel like putting many products on your skin. But do maintain this routine before applying your moisturizer: 

  1. Cleanse 
  • Use a lightweight cleanser or micellar water to clean your face.
  • Ditch any creamy cleansers from your vanity, they weigh your skin down and are not fun when the mercury is skyrocketing.
  • With cool water, cleanse your face of all the dirt, dust, makeup, and impurities, rinse off excess oils and get ready to pamper your skin.
  • In the case of micellar water, you just need to dampen a cotton pad and swipe it across your face! 
  1. Exfoliate
  • Post your cleansing ritual, it is best to exfoliate.
  • You may not need to do it daily, but try and do it every alternate day in order to scrub away the increasing amount of dirt, bacteria, and dust attracted to your summer oily skin.
  • You can use a natural exfoliant like we have here at Savarnas Mantra, with the goodness of active ingredients and scrubbing agents that are derived from natural sources.
  • Some mild physical exfoliation like scrubbing with a washcloth or some coffee and sugar granules may also work at times. 
  • Exfoliating before moisturizing helps the moisturizer penetrate better into the skin.   
  1. Moisturize
  • By now you will have bought a water or gel-based moisturizer with high SPF and lightweight, quick-absorbing formula.
  • So squirt out a few drops, dot them on your face, and gently rub them all over your skin.
  • You will feel close to nothing as the product penetrates quickly into your skin, leaving its lingering subtle fragrance behind.
  • After this, apply your sunscreen generously and tada! You are ready to skip down the road with the sun shining high and happy. 

So switch to your new routine and pick the right moisturizer for summer. It will go a long way in nourishing your skin, making it smooth and supple, as well as keeping it healthy. If you want to start scouting for some good natural moisturizers as well as cleansers and exfoliants, then check out our range of Skincare from Savarnas Mantra. We make them with 100% natural active ingredients, so your summer skin is bound to be enriched with some of the best nature’s bounty!

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