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How to Look Picture Perfect?

Sep 06, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

How to Look Picture Perfect?

Perfection can be achieved with practice. Practicing makeup regularly can help you look picture-perfect. Tried a lot. But, Cannot get it…Let’s give a perfect solution for a picture-perfect look. A buttery smooth flawless skin is the best solution for a beautiful look. Well, after this you no longer need photograph filters. So, before adjusting your camera, let us check your skin to make it future-ready and picture-perfect. 

This is a must-read blog for all beauties who want to look photogenic in their selfies and pictures. There are two benefits for this picture-perfect look which are as follows- 

1- Perfect picture

2- Beautiful skin

3- Better confidence 

Yes, ladies, beautiful skin will help you achieve better confidence and good self-esteem. 

Steps to get picture-perfect look 

These days social media is everywhere. We want to upload our photographs, pictures, and selfies on all social media platforms from Twitter to Instagram. Getting a picture-perfect look can be quite tricky. Here are some easy steps to get picture-perfect look which are as follows- 

  • Exfoliate your skin with polisher exfoliant 

Use a gentle and natural polisher exfoliant which eliminates all the dead skin cells for a picture-perfect look. This also helps in revealing fresh smooth skin and a natural glow from within. A fruit exfoliant or polisher exfoliant with antioxidants is a great idea to cleanse the pores naturally. 

  • Use clay mask 

Clay masks help in giving even skin tone. It mellows the hyperpigmented area and brightens the skin as well. It is important to use a natural clay mask with all the goodness of herbal extracts for 20 mins to absorb the natural elements into the skin. 

  • Use brightening serum 

Using a brightening serum with Vitamin C and other important vitamins and minerals along with herbs can work wonders for the skin. It gives a lightning effect for a picture-perfect look when you are in front of the camera. Use a moisturizing serum that can lock in moisture and add some natural glow to the skin. 

  • Moisturize your skin 

Use a hydrating moisturizer with squalene and vitamin E oil. Apply a thin layer of moisturizer and allow it to get completely absorbed. You can also use a hyaluronic acid moisturizer which acts as a great humectant. 

  • Use creamy foundations 

Creamy foundation can spread evenly on flawless skin. Make sure to conceal your dark spots if any before you spread out the foundation. You can also mix a few drops of your favorite moisturizer before applying your foundation for a smooth picture-perfect effect. 

  • Use highlighters 

Using highlighters with contouring effects can work great for facial aesthetics and jaw-dropping looks. The important places to include this highlighter for an awesome look are- cheekbones, nasal bridge, and your T-zone. Do not forget the brow cupid over the lips and your brow bone to uplift them slightly. 

  • Refresh your eyes for the picture 

Before you start your makeup, make sure to do some cardio or walk which will regenerate you. You can also do some yoga and meditation. De-stress with some green tea bags for cooling effects on the eyes. Some simple cucumber slices with the clay mask can also work great to refresh your eyes. 

  • Get perfect lips for a good smile 

Exfoliate and hydrate your lips with balms or herbal extracts. Use some lip oils which can help in depigmenting your lips. Also, make sure to apply lipstick with a gloss which will help your lips to stand out when you click a selfie. Do not forget to give a slight pout when taking a picture-perfect look. A Lip plumper can also work great for a perfect pout for a selfie. 

  • Make your eyes look attractive 

Eyes and lips should stand out. Maintain good eye makeup. Well, you do not need smoky eyes. You just need fuller eyebrows and lengthy eyelashes to make your eyes look attractive. This will be a great capture for your camera. 

Quick tips for Picture Perfect Look 

Here are quick tips to enhance your pictures and selfies- 

  1. Show off your left side over the right side
  2. Lift your chin slightly higher
  3. Keep your head slight tilt
  4.  Keep out of direct light
  5. Compare your old photos
  6. Stay relaxed
  7. Be yourself naturally
  8. Make your eyes pop out
  9. Be expressive and emotive
  10. Don't be afraid of candid poses 
There you go!! Practicing this will make you look perfect and at your best all the time.