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How to Get Plump Lips without Surgery or Permanent Makeup

Apr 03, 2022

Bhavini Desai

Natural Instant Lip Plumper

The bee-stung, plump lips are all the rage nowadays. And celebs like Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian with their fuller lips are only adding to the rage. But many of these celebrities admit to using lip fillers, injections, and permanent makeup. Some even go as far as surgical expansion. You may be taking a step back hearing about surgeries and permanent makeup, but hear us out. 

There are other ways to get plump lips, ones that don’t involve any of the above. Some skincare tricks, some makeup tips, a few simple drugstore treatments may make this dream come true. So before you lose hope of getting your dream look, here is how to get plump lips without surgery or permanent makeup:


Dead skin cells line your lips all the time. They shed out on their own too. But sometimes they remain, and create a rough barrier on your lips, reflecting less light and looking uneven. This dry pucker may be making your lips appear thinner and lackluster. So the best start to getting plump lips is to exfoliate your lips using a professional scrub. This improves blood circulation too and reveals the natural rosy hue of your lips. Something as simple as sugar and coffee scrub may also go a long way in elevating the shine of your lips.

Maintain Hydration

Dehydration is the enemy of all beauty. Skin as well as lips. If you feel dehydrated, chances are, your lips will also look shriveled up and small. To combat that, make it a habit to drink a whole lot of water. 

Over-line your Lips

Use this makeup trick and you may be able to get some more fullness to your lips. Apply your concealer on your lips before you put on your lip color. And make sure to trace your lip liner outside the natural line. This helps blur the line between your face and lips. Reportedly, Kylie Jenner used this trick all the time before she got her fillers.

Gloss Up

The trick here is not to lather your lips in gloss but use it sparingly and smartly. Grab your favorite lip gloss and dab a little on the middle of your lips. This reflects light better and creates an illusion of fuller, more plump lips, and a bigger pout. 

Stock up on Nude Lip Colours

It’s a myth that red is the only pout-worthy color. It is nude that really helps create a fuller look. Layer your lip colors by first applying your chosen shade on your lips. Then take a lighter shade and touch up in the middle of your lips. You can also use a white lip crayon. This makeup tip is similar to highlighting, but in a different way. 

Lip Balm

Don’t forget to use a lip balm in your routine. Because it helps keep your lips hydrated and supple, which adds to the shiny and plump look. After all the makeup and products you use on your lips, they need some rest and TLC, especially after you have had water. Usually, your lips dry up immediately after they have been wetted. So apply some lip balm whenever you finish drinking water. 

Contour for Bottom Lip

Most beauty gurus may keep this trick a secret. It is that effective, and also simple. After you are done applying all your makeup, and lining your lips in all the color and gloss you want, just take some powder contour shade. Using a small and fluffy brush, dab it to the underside of your lower lip. This creates a shadow under them and instantly gives the illusion of a natural pout. 

Lip Masks

Don’t ignore the caring of your lips. On days that you plan a face mask, also apply a lip mask to replenish hydration, nutrients, and nourishment to them. If you have aging skin or chapped lips then masks with collagen will help minimize those problems, and also reduce the appearance of fine lines around your lips.

Apply Concealer after Lipstick

We know we said that a concealer should be applied before your lipstick. And we stand by it. But also, use a tiny bit of concealer on a fine brush to line the outside of your finished lips. This cover-up will go a long way in making your lipstick pop and create an illusion of a bigger, and plumper mouth as you have already colored your lipstick outside of your natural lip line. Ticktock and Pinterest beauty gurus suggest this all time. 

Pick up a Lip-Plumping Treatment

Nowadays, you can easily get a lip plumper at a skincare or beauty store. It usually comes in a balm or gloss form and helps boost the hydration and volume of your lips. Many lip plumpers introduce a mild allergen to your lips to inflame them to a pout, while others help your skin cells attract water and swell to become plump. 

Like the Savarnas Mantra® Natural Instant Lip Plumper, which works with the goodness of Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, and peptides. Hyaluronic Acid is a natural water-retaining agent, while Vitamin E helps seal moisture for long-lasting succulence. The peptide used in this lip plumper helps increase collagen production. 


  • This lip plumper may help in increase of lip volume with regular use.
  • It may also reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and surface folds on your lips.
  • Regular and diligent use may also result in increased hydration of your lips.
  • You may easily use it as a gloss or under your lipstick to get plump lips without any surgery or permanent makeup.