Brow Threading: Dos and Don’ts – SavarnasMantra

Brow Threading: Dos and Don’ts

Apr 01, 2022

Bhavini Desai

Brow Threading: Dos and Don’ts - SavarnasMantra

Eyebrow threading is a quick and easy way to get our brows shaped. It is relatively safe, doesn’t use any harmful chemicals, and gets us out of the salon in record time! But did you know that there are a few precautions you need to take and some after-care too? To get the most out of your brow threading session, we have listed down these dos and don’ts for you. So that the next time you visit your salon, you know what to do for the best and most beautifully shaped brows!

Eyebrow Threading DOs 

Do Grab a Warm Shower Before

A warm soaking shower softens the hairs. So threading becomes easier and less painful, especially when the hair is pulled out. Therefore always make sure to take a long, warm shower before your appointment.  

Do be Clear on Eyebrow Shape

There is nothing worse than walking into your threading appointment without knowing what you want! You need to be sure about your current eyebrow shape and what you want it to be after the threading session. It may be to maintain the same and just get rid of the strays, or an alteration to something different. Carry reference photos on your phone to help guide your aesthetician.

Do Talk to your Aesthetician 

Be open and communicate with your aesthetician. If you don’t like something then be vocal, explain to them about your vision. Those reference photos you carried? Discuss them in detail, and also listen to the aesthetician’s suggestions as they know a lot more about face shape, symmetry, and brow types. And, ensure that you mention how thick or thin you want your brows. This keeps everything going smoothly and prevents any panic later on.  

Tip: Thick brows are IN, and they also look very beautiful and soft. So if your face shape and hair type allow, go for thick and slightly angled eyebrows. 

Do Help Out

Not that it makes much difference in the final look, but being kind and giving your aesthetician a helping hand goes a long way in making them happy. And a happy artist means happy art! So instead of just sitting idle on the chair, pull up your eyelids wide for them, help with holding the skin taut where they are working, push around in the chair to their convenience… in short — make their job easier. This also helps them do their job well, and leave you with precise and neat eyebrows.  

Do Maintain your Threading Salon Appointments

If you find the right aesthetician for your brows, then make sure you keep up your appointments with them. To maintain your beautifully shaped eyebrows, be regular and pre-book the appointments as per your growth or your aesthetician’s suggestion. This saves you time and keeps you looking sharp!

Do Apply some Soothing Gel

A good aesthetician usually offers a little massage around the eye area after your threading. They also apply some soothing lotion or aloe gel to cool down the skin that has been irritated with a thread. So instead of rushing away immediately, go for both these after-care treatments. If you have been tipping your aesthetician well and maintaining a good relationship, then they may also elongate the massage!

Do also Apply some Ice

This is a post-threading tip that many aestheticians give. Apply some ice at home so that any redness in the area comes down. All skin types benefit from this, but sensitive skin types must absolutely apply the ice to calm and soothe their skin at night. This also prevents any post eyebrow threading breakouts.  

Eyebrow Threading DONTs 

Dont Put Eye Makeup Before Threading

You never step out of the house without your mascara and liner? Well, make an exception for your brow threading appointment! The area is going to be worked on, so your eye makeup is bound to get smudged and destroyed anyway. Also, do not put anything on your eyebrows, otherwise, you will have to remove it and cleanse the eyebrows before the session. 

Dont Tweeze on Your Own

However tempting it may sound, do not tweeze strays on your own between threading appointments. It only disrupts the work of the aesthetician as you do an amateur job. Random plucking also disrupts the natural shape of your brows and makes the threading that much harder. Instead, use a brow gel or brow powder to make your eyebrows look presentable until your next threading session. 

Dont Shy Away from Trimming

During your threading session, don’t shy away from minor trimming of the brow line. It helps keep your shape neat looking, and your aesthetician knows how to wield small eyebrow scissors. For thick, dark, and dense hair trimming is always recommended. However, if you have finer or sparse hairs then take a call depending on what shape you want and if trimming is required. Your aesthetician will know best.

Dont Forget to Check your Brows Before Leaving the Salon

You don’t want to go home, take a closer look, find a few strays and come running back! So before leaving the chair, make it a point to pull up a hand mirror and check your eyebrows. Examine them closely for any stray hairs, uneven edges, or other issues. That way you can easily get them fixed on the spot.

Dont Apply Makeup Right After

Take a few hours before you apply anything to your eyebrows. This not only includes makeup like eyebrow pencil, powder, or gels but also your usual cleansers and moisturizers. The threaded area may show some redness, so give it time to settle down. You may however use a mild aloe gel or lotion to soothe the inflammation away. 

Later, you can obviously go all out to enhance your newly threaded eyebrows! The best way to get them to look thick, full, and beautiful is to use the Savarnas Mantra range of Brow Care products — from amazing brow gels to powders to brow pencil.  

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  • Lasts all day long
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Savarnas Mantra® Perfect Brow Pencil

Our brow pencil is a great way to define and outline your perfectly threaded eyebrows. It blends seamlessly into your brows and gives them a natural look. You can use this pencil to create blendable strokes easily so that any sparse spaces are filled.

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