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How To Get Naturally-Looking Eyebrows?

Nov 23, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

How To Get Naturally-Looking Eyebrows?

Well-shaped natural-looking eyebrows will enhance your personality. It is the easiest way to add some style to your looks instantly. You will look better, fresher, and more polished in minutes with well-shaped brows. Shaping brows is an art and can be mastered with practice. Implementing some eyebrow tips and tricks can enhance the brow look. Polished naturally-looking brows do not have to be a high-maintenance situation. Just simple hacks can work great for brows. 

As the beauty world embraces the natural side of things, people are driving to their favorite trends of going natural with skincare, eyebrow care, and eyelash care. So, if you wish to get the “no-makeup- natural look” for your eyebrows then following a brow routine can work wonders for you. 

This blog provides complete information on how to get natural-looking eyebrows with easy steps along with a brow routine that you must follow for healthy brows around the clock.

How To Get Naturally-Looking Eyebrows?

Here are some easy and simple steps to get natural-looking eyebrows instantly with beautiful looks. These steps can help you TINT and TAME your brows perfectly with beautiful looks and add some glam to your brows.

Step #1 Brush your brows well and check for sparse areas

This is going to be the first important step before you get started with your brow routine to define your brows. Brushing brows is very essential to tame them no matter what look you are opting for. It is important to get the brushing brow technique right and correct with the perfect brow brush.

Step #2 Focus and start in the center with an eyebrow pencil

The next step is to use a brow pencil to outline your brows with precision. Rather than shaping your brows from front to back, start at the center focusing on the arch. Brows are considered stronger and denser at the start and end, however, they tend to fade at the arch.

Step #3 Outline your brows - Define eyebrows

Outline your brows to add a some definition and polished look to your eyebrows. Starting from the arch outline it towards the end. This will make it easier to swipe the brow pencil and give perfect natural-looking brows.

Step #4 Use the correct shade of eyebrow powder

The next step is to grab your favorite eyebrow powder to fill your brows. You can choose the best shade matching your eyebrows which will look natural on your face. Choose the perfect shape of eyebrow powder from Savarnas Mantra Eyebrow Powder Collection which is one of the best eyebrow powders in the beauty industry today.

Step #5 Blend more than you think

The trick for naturally looking brows is to blend well. Fill in sparse areas of brows and brush them again till the color blends well into the brows.

Step #6 Use light feathery strokes for natural-looking brows

Use feathery light strokes with a brow pencil and eyebrow powder application for smooth-textured naturally looking brows.

Step #7 Get hold of your brows with eyebrow gel

Do not forget to add a touch of glamor to your brows with eyebrow gel for a soft natural polished and sophisticated look for your brows all day long.

Brow Routine For Healthy and Natural-Looking Brows

Follow these steps daily to keep your eyebrows fuller and denser naturally. 

  • Remove all the brow makeup at the end of the day with makeup remover
  • Cleanse them with natural cleanser to take off all dirt, sweat, and makeup residue
  • Brush them with spoolie to improve blood circulation twice daily
  • Use eyebrow nourishing oil to stimulate brow growth daily at night before bed
  • Massage it well into your eyebrows to stimulate hair follicles for 60 secs
  • Allow the brow oil to get absorbed entirely
  • Do some facial or eye exercises for 5 - 10 mins to tone the brow muscles 
    Get ready to transform your eyebrows and take them to the next level. Following the brow care routine will add new dimensions to your overall beauty. Join the Savarnas Mantra Squad for the best eyebrow care with brow essentials which are a must for daily brow routine.