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How to Apply Sunscreen Over Your Makeup?

Jul 31, 2023

Bhavini Desai

How to Apply Sunscreen Over Your Makeup?

The gods of skincare have blessed us with the elixir that is sunscreen. But how can we use it with makeup? Most of these sunscreens come with a white cast, after all. And even if they don’t, is it worth ruining makeup over? Well, to put it mildly — yes. So here’s how to apply sunscreen over your makeup without disturbing the look you are aiming for. With the summer sun shining bright, you will need every one of these ideas! 

Before we begin though, some frequently asked SPF + Makeup questions:

  • Is an SPF-powered foundation enough?
  • What to use first — sunscreen or foundation?
  • How to get rid of sunscreen white cast?
  • Will sunscreen under makeup protect the skin from the sun? 

To begin answering these questions, here’s how SPF works:

SPF means how long it will take your skin to redden under the sun. SPF 15 means it will take 15 times longer than usual, while SPF 40 means it will take 40 times longer than usual, and so on. This is in direct correlation to how well your sunscreen has blocked the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun from affecting your skin. 

SPF number between 15 and 50 is a coveted figure, with SPF 40 being a sweet spot for most summers outdoors.  

How to use Sunscreen Over Makeup?

There is no set formula for sunscreen over makeup. However, there’s a rule of thumb you can follow — the lighter consistency goes first. By this rule:

  • A chemical, liquid, serum, or spray sunscreen will always precede your moisturizer and foundation. These types of sunscreen are hence applied under your makeup.
  • A physical sunscreen (cream formula) will always be heavier and hence applied over your moisturizer. But it will be applied before your foundation.
  • You can also choose a moisturizer that has broad spectrum SPF. This way, you may not need a separate sunscreen, depending on your skin type, the time of day, and the season. 
  • Some foundations come with SPF. But the better option is to use these foundations as added coverage over your actual sunscreen instead of by themselves. 
  • Experts recommend that you use broad-spectrum gel sunscreens with makeup as they have the tendency to get absorbed quickly and easily, remain lightweight, and not interfere with the makeup texture. 
  • While most of us only rub sunscreen over our faces, it is pertinent we change this habit. The face, the neck, and the clavicle region need coverage. Do not forget your under eyes, crevices under your ears, and any other part that is exposed. 

Does ‘Sunscreen Under Makeup’ Work?

Yes, it does. Provided, you use a facial sunscreen. This means, picking a sunscreen that is exclusively meant for the facial skin and not one that’s generalized for the whole body. Do not double up your sunscreen lotion as your facial sunscreen. SPF-rich moisturizer can be applied though. When applying your sunscreen, you can use your foundation-applying techniques, i.e. patting gently and blending, instead of rubbing. This prevents white cast. Also, make sure to apply a primer over your sunscreen so that your makeup doesn’t appear cracked, dry, or caked.  

What to look for when buying Sunscreen to use with Makeup?

It is always suggested that you look for sunscreen with Vitamin C or Vitamin E. The former acts as a natural sun protectant, as well as gives your skin some vital glow from within, while the latter is a powerhouse for anti-aging. A sunscreen that helps fight sun damage, brighten the skin, neutralize free radical damage, and protect from early signs of aging is a win-win-win-win! 

However, if you don’t find that perfect sunscreen, here’s an alternative —  

Couple your sunscreen with Natural Vitamin C Serum to help your skin retain its glow, defy early signs of aging, and remain balanced with Vitamin B, C, E, and ferulic acid.  

The other alternative, if you are already battling early signs of aging, is to use the Natural Vitamin E + Squalane Serum under your sunscreen. This serum is crafted to provide firmness, elasticity, and a silky radiance to your skin. 

Both these serums are absorbed into your skin easily and are perfect for AM as well as PM wear. They are natural, cruelty-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, and dermatologist tested. You can enjoy any facial sunscreen with these serums nourishing your skin from within.