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Eyelash Extensions — Pre-Prep and Post Care

Apr 06, 2022

Bhavini Desai

Eyelash Extensions — Pre-Prep and Post Care - SavarnasMantra

Who doesn’t want to enjoy long, thick eyelash extensions like those Hollywood divas? We all do, isn’t it? But just getting the extensions is not enough! You heard it right — eyelash care is just as important. In fact, the prep as well as after eyelash extension care is what really determines how long and well those extensions will last. Also, eyelash care forms the base of your lash health. So here we have some dos and don’ts on eyelash extensions — pre-prep and post care. 

What Exactly are Eyelash Extensions?

You may think that they are just eyelash wigs. Well, in layman's terms, they are. But they are really cosmetic extensions that are made from mink, horsehair, synthetic material, and even silk to mimic human hair. Some eyelash extensions are also made of real human hair. They are added to your lash line by a specialist, and are semi-permanent. They last about 4-6 weeks depending on the procedure, the product used, and your post-care. 

You can go for refills as per your aesthetician’s appointment, and get another pair of extensions easily. But before you jump into this cycle of extensions and refills to get yourself those thick, lustrous eyelashes, read up on the prep, and after eyelash extensions care.  


  1. Plan your Lash Shape:

Yes, lashes have shapes too. Be smart and figure out what lash shape you want before you go to the salon. Do you want a natural look? Or a dramatic curled-lashes look? Talk about this in detail with your aesthetician so that you both are on the same page before the session.  

  1. Shower:

Just a heads up — you can’t wet your eyelashes for 24-48 hours after the appointment. So get a nice, long, hot shower before going for your appointment. The extensions cannot be dampened or wetted, so make sure to stay away from rain and snow too.  

  1. Stay away from Eyelash Curling & Waterproof Mascara:

Do not curl your lashes before the appointment. And avoid applying waterproof mascara at least a week before your eyelash extensions appointment. This type of mascara leaves residue on your lashes which prevents the extensions from sticking.  

  1. No Eye Makeup:

Visit the salon without any eye makeup on. Your eyes will be thoroughly cleaned by your aesthetician/ lash artist, but it’s not as deep as makeup removal. You have to take care of that. 

  1. Try and avoid the use of moisturizers and sunscreen before your visit. 
  1. In case this is your refill session and you already have lash extensions then also add a 15-minute consultation with the lash artist before your appointment. 
  1. Make sure you have eaten, used the restroom, and had enough water to last you 1-2 hours. That’s how long the session takes. 
  1. Bring along a playlist, audiobook, or podcast to enjoy as you sit through these 2 hours with closed eyes. 
  1. Try and replace your contact lenses with glasses before your appointment.  
  1. For brides, it is suggested to start prepping by getting your lash extensions at least 1 month in advance of their D-day. Then get a couple of refills in-between to get the exact look you desire. This also gives you time to check for any allergies or reactions. It is very touch-and-go to get the lash extensions just before the wedding, especially if it is your first time and you don’t know what look to expect. 

Post Care

  1. Keep your eyelashes dry for at least 24 hours after your extensions have been added. You may also need to forego showering for this. If you take a bath then make sure your eyes are far up from the rim of the tub. Avoid any warm places like steam baths, sauna, tanning beds, etc. Moreover, take the advice of your lash artist on this. 
  2. Sleep straight on your back so that you don’t crush or roll your eyelashes under you. At least for the first 2 nights post your appointment.  
  1. Try not to touch your eyelashes for at least the first 24 hours. Pulling, rubbing, or twisting them is not allowed.  
  1. Cleanse Well:

Keep your eyelash extensions clean to keep them long-lasting and healthy. Avoid getting them wet in saltwater, avoid dust and dirt. Use an oil-free cleanser to wash your eyelashes. You can do this using a micro-brush and some water. 

  1. Rinse your eyelashes often, especially after crying or sweating, so that you get rid of saltwater quickly before it builds up. 
  1. OIl-Free Eye Products:

Oils tend to loosen the bonds of your eyelash extensions. This results in premature falling of your eyelashes, which is a tragedy and a total waste of time and money. So get yourself oil-free eye makeup products and makeup remover that keeps the extensions safe. Your lash artist will be able to guide you on which products to use. 

  1. Don’t over-brush your eyelashes.
  2. Avoid any eyeliner and mascara as makeup leads to quicker eyelash extension fallout. 
  1. Do not get your eyelash extensions permed. And do not curl them manually. If you want super-curled lashes then get them while you are getting the extensions. Live with that pair for some weeks before you have to go for a refill or a redo.  

10.Keep cotton away from your eyelashes as it acts like velcro, stripping them off. 

  1. It is okay if the extension lashes shed on their own. You can go for a touch-up session every 2-3 weeks so that too many gaps don’t develop in your eyelashes. 
  1. Do not remove your eyelash extensions yourself. Always go to a professional. It will take about an hour to remove them, but you need to sit through it to safely remove the extensions and keep your original lashes safe. If you try and remove them at home then chances are you will pull out your real lashes. 
  2. Or, let the lash extensions fall away naturally. 
  3. In case of any irritation or allergies, contact your lash artist immediately.  


If something is worth doing then do it right. In the case of lash extensions, make sure your eyelash care is perfect — pre as well as post-care. This not only keeps your real eyelashes healthy and safe but also saves you a ton of money on early refills. And time. Because one full appointment takes almost 2-3 hours of your day, all things considered. We hope this short blog was helpful to you. If you are interested in nourishing your eyelashes and growing them naturally, then check out our Savarnas Mantra® Natural Eyelash Serum. It is your answer to naturally long and lustrous eyelashes!