Everyday Mistakes You Do That Can Dry Out Your Skin – SavarnasMantra

Everyday Mistakes You Do That Can Dry Out Your Skin

Mar 18, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

Everyday Mistakes You Do That Can Dry Out Your Skin - SavarnasMantra

Wintertime is here!! Weather is one of the major causes which can dry out your skin. However, do not forget that certain mistakes will also make your skin dry. Ignoring these mistakes will make your skin dry. Stay tuned to this article, which will help you keep these dry skin mistakes at bay. Just taking skincare is not enough. You must know all the do’s and don'ts to avoid dry skin. 

Dry skin is difficult to deal with. People with dry skin are more prone to aging. Fine lines and wrinkles are mostly seen in dry-skinned people. So, today at Savarnas Mantra, we will tell you about the common mistakes which will make your skin dry. 

“Your skin is beautiful, wear it with pride.” Dry skin means “skin is thirsty. Some people have dry skin throughout the year while for others it's just “winters.” 

We at Savarnas Mantra, believe that natural skincare is best for dry skin. Let’s know why? 

“Winter is a gift from nature
Chapped lips
Dry skin
Treat it naturally”


The Winter season is a completely natural environmental factor. For such conditions, healing naturally is important. 

We are sure you might have got various suggestions on how to treat and cure dry skin. As mentioned above, dry skin is nature’s gift. It should be managed well. Along with “To Do & Follow Suggestions. “ It is important to avoid “The Don’ts” which can help dry-skinned people to a great extent. 

Let's take you on a roller coaster ride with Savarnas Mantra to avoid mistakes that will make your skin. By roller coaster ride, I mean, avoiding some external as well as internal factors which can help you BEAT & DEFEAT DRY SKIN.” Follow this feat at Savarnas Mantra and keep dry skin at bay. Let's get started right away. 

Dry skin can be uncomfortable, especially if you don't have a game plan for how to deal with it. 

Whether you have dry skin or are just prone to it, we've put together a list of common causes that might be to blame for your tight, uncomfortable skin. Click through for things to keep in mind and share with a friend. 

Wrong and irregular skincare routine- Follow and Get it Right!!! 

“Practice makes a man perfect.” And the skin is perfect too. Being regular is very important for skincare. Right from morning skincare routine till night routine. If you have been regular and still not getting results. Here is the catch!! Follow skincare in the right manner. Stay connected with us at Beauty Mantra to know more about the best skincare routine which you can follow. Beautiful skin begins with exceptional skincare. 

Stress- Do you know about “Stress Busters” 

You are never too old to become younger!!! Stay happy and keep smiling. Avoid getting angry and irritable. We all go through stress. It's very natural but how we cope with stress is important. There is a stress hormone called cortisol in your body which may interact with skin hormones causing excessive skin dryness. 

Feel confident and happy for yourself. It's time to love yourself and stay stress-free. 

Addition- Say “NO” To Alcohol and Smoking 

“Smoking is injurious to health.” This quote is very famous. But, do you know smoking is injurious to the skin as well. Smoking causes excessive dryness of the skin and robs all the glow and moisturizer from the skin. 

Too much makeup- Are you sleeping with makeup? 

 “Glowing skin is always IN.” We do everything to get glowing skin right from makeup to skincare products. We all women love makeup. But sleeping with makeup can harm your skin and cause excessive dryness. 

Wearing makeup to bed is harmful to the skin. Sleeping with makeup on can clog pores, causing dry skin and acne. Make sure to always remove makeup before going to bed using a gentle cleanser or makeup remover, preferably natural ones. Thinking of which one to use? 

Natural Makeup Remover From Savarnas Mantra is the best natural makeup remover which is easy and effective. It contains natural elements of radish root which is best for the skin. Regular use can give the best results. 

The alcohol content in skincare products 

Excessive alcohol can cause dry skin. Conventional skincare products contain alcohol which can dry out the skin. 

Use natural skincare product Savarnas Mantra. 

Avoiding Moisturizer 

How to avoid dry skin? You can avoid dry skin by making a few tweaks to your routine. One of the easiest ways is to start applying lotion right after you shower or wash your hands. Avoid hot water and consider washing with a creamy, moisturizing soap. After showering, apply a rich moisturizer containing ingredients that help repair damaged skin, like natural ceramides or hyaluronic acid. 

Skipping the moisturizer is a common mistake for those with dry skin. 

Forget to moisturize, it's a big mistake!! The skin on your face can lose moisture due to harsh winters and cold temperatures, so don't forget to keep it hydrated by applying moisturizer twice daily. 

When you use oil-based moisturizers on your skin, they create a barrier and keep the moisture locked in. This means that nothing can penetrate through that layer of moisturizer onto your skin, leaving your skin feeling dry and tight. 

Savarnas Mantra Moisturizers have a unique collection and formulation for dry skin. 

Do not miss the Savarnas Mantra Natural Skin Tonic. 

Using harsh cleansers- Are you overwashing your face? 

Discover the culprits that irritate and strip skin, and the potential side effects of common habits you may have. 

Caring for your skin isn’t always as simple as you might think. Dry skin, for example, can result from a gentle shower gel — even one marketed to your skin type. Skip the following products and moves, and protect your precious skin from drying out. 

If you wash your face more than twice per day (or if you use drying products like astringents and toners)your natural oils are stripped away and your skin will become dehydrated. 

Natural Cleanser Collection From Savarnas Mantra offers natural cleansers which are gentle on the skin and prevent dryness. 

Not using the right toner 

For those with dry skin, finding the best toners for dry skin can be a challenge. If there’s anything you need to add to your daily skincare routine it’s the best toners for dry skin. With the mist gently cooling and calming your face, these top-rated toners will help to revitalize your skin and bring back that youthful glow.

Here are 3 toners that you can choose from Savarnas Mantra Toners Collection 

  • Natural Herbal Toner
  • Natural Hydrating Seaweed Toner
  • Natural CoQ10 Age Defying Toner

Sun exposure without sunscreen 

The skin is designed to protect you from the outside world, so it’s a bit ironic that certain external elements also contribute to skin conditions such as dryness. Keep your skin in tip-top shape by avoiding these common mistakes. 

If you don't protect it with SPF, make sure to always wear it. The sun can damage your skin Always used sunscreen before heading out during the day 

Trying home remedies 

As you know, dry skin is the result of an inadequate supply of moisture in your skin cells. When homemade remedies don’t work, it’s obviously time for something stronger. These mistakes can contribute to dryness and make skincare products less effective. 

Avoid these common mistakes. Learn how to keep your skin healthy and hydrated all year round! 

  • Dont skip the moisturizer with SPF
  • Do not drink coffee or soda,
  • Don't bathe in hot water
  • Sleep without an overnight cream
  • Do not spend too much time in AC rooms
  • Do not forget to keep your lips hydrated
  • Taking hot showers 

There are many possible causes for dry skin, but the good news is all of them are avoidable. If you're dealing with dry skin, follow this guide to give your dry skin a hydration reset. Avoid these dry skin mistakes, and you'll have your most radiant complexion yet.