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Essentials Required To Properly Groom Your Brows

Dec 01, 2021

Dan Singh

Essentials Required To Properly Groom Your Brows - SavarnasMantra

If given good care, like how you look after the skin, the eyebrows can lift the entire look of the face. This is the main reason why grooming the eyebrows has become so important and unavoidable part of the beauty routine lately. On the contrary, eyebrow grooming is not that simple as it sounds. If you want to groom them perfectly, you’ll need some tools. Today’s post will take you through the essentials required to groom your brows properly. 

When we think about grooming the eyebrows, the first thing that pops up is the tools. Though tools are not the only essentials required to make the brows perfect, it is one of the most required essentials to kick start.

A Quality Pair of Tweezers is a Must 

The shape of the eyebrows matters the most, and so to keep them in shape, good quality tweezers are a must. Tweezers will be convenient where you have to attend a get-together or a short notice official meeting when you are running out of time. A quality tweezers with a fine grip and slant tip is what you need. Savarnas Mantra® Precision Brow Tweezers are made of premium quality stainless steel will help you remove even the stubborn ingrown hairs effortlessly. 

Eyebrow Trimming Scissors 

A perfectly shaped eyebrow can certainly complement your face. It isn’t practically possible to visit a brow expert each time to keep the brows in shape. This is where you need some alternative. And yes, precision scissors with sharp blades and the finest edges will ease the process of trimming. One point to remember is not all scissors are meant for eyebrows. A specially made brow scissor with sharp and straight blades is what you need. Savarnas Mantra® Brow Scissors are designed in such a way to prevent the hairs from slipping. The large finger holes make it comfortable and easy to control, offering a perfect grip. The good news is that, Savarnas Mantra® also provides an excellent quality eyebrow brush with the precision brow scissors. 

You can’t achieve perfection without a spoolie brush: 

When you search for an eyebrow makeup or a grooming tutorial, you will come across the term “spoolie brush” quite frequently. This is in fact one of the unavoidable tools for eyebrow makeup or eyebrow shaping. This brush is mainly designed for brows with thick bristles and angled edges.  A good quality spoolie brush will be a great tool to help spread a gel-based product or thick pomades. Want to try the best spoolie brush? Savarnas Mantra® Eyebrow Brush will be your best bet. 

Tips To Keep The Eyebrows Well Groomed 

  • Shape of the brows matters the most:

Once you have decided to groom the brows at home, there are a few rules that have to be followed. The shape of your brows should match the face, so it should be aligned by considering the shape of the face. 

  • Be Cautious While Tweezing: 

It is true that tweezing the eyebrows helps maintain the shape and removes all the unwanted hairs out of track. But at the same time, this can even be the cause for damaging your brow hair if they aren’t done properly. Let’s see how to tweeze the brows perfectly; 

  • Find a spot where you get good lighting for tweezing. 
  • When you are tweezing, go along the track of hair growth 
  • Avoid using magnifying mirrors while tweezing. 
  • Do not forget to trim the Brows 

When you are done tweezing the eyebrows, the next task is to trim the length. Using a spoolie brush gently comb the brow hairs upwards prior to trimming the brows. Now, using your precision eyebrow scissor, trim the hair to make the brows look equal.  

  • Let’s make them look thicker and fuller 

Once you are done with the tweezing and trimming you can move on to the filling process. Filling in the brows can make the eyebrow look thick without any sparse areas. You may select an eyebrow pencil or brow powder for natural-looking eyebrows.  

  • Brush the brows before and after 

Yes, brushing the brows is important before filling in the brows and at the same time after filling them. Brushing the brows will keep the brow hairs intact and ensure that the eyebrow products used for filling are evenly distributed. 

Best Ways to keep the Eyebrows Healthy 

Having thicker and healthy eyebrows makes a lot of difference to your look. Healthy eyebrows are much easy to groom. Achieving healthy eyebrows isn’t that tough as you think. Here are some great ways that can keep your brows healthy. 

  • Following a balanced diet rich in Vitamin A, B, C and D promotes hair growth. 
  • If at all you find that, your eyebrows are too thin—it is wise to avoid any procedures like tweezing or waxing on the brows. 
  • You may natural remedies like applying castor oil, olive oil, or coconut oil to massage the eyebrows. Though it is not scientifically proven for eyebrow hair growth, these natural remedies can keep the brows moisturized. 
  • Use eyebrow nourishing oil. These oils are prepared with unique ingredients mainly to target hair growth.  
  • Use high-quality products for eyebrows because low-quality products may lead to hair fall. 

Do you want some excellent eyebrow grooming tools to groom your brows or some finest quality eyebrow makeup products? Savarnas Mantra® can provide the excellent eyebrow grooming essentials that can convert your eyebrows into gorgeous ones!