Defy your age with these simple tips – SavarnasMantra

Defy your age with these simple tips

Mar 20, 2020

Dan Singh

Defy your age with these simple tips - SavarnasMantra

Age comes with a lot of good wisdom and you can age gracefully, if you follow some anti-aging tips. Jessica Wu, MD, a Los Angeles dermatologist and author of  Feed Your Face says that our skin is a living organ that changes over time and adjusting your skin care regime to accommodate these changes will help your skin stay healthy and look younger and revitalized over time. 

Savarnas Mantra® brings to you a handpicked range of products to keep your skin younger looking. Nourish, revitalize and illuminate your skin with Savarnas Mantra® plant powered anti aging skincare. We, at Savarnas Mantra, endeavor to bring you products from the most natural origins. Our team of experts work hard to bring out the best products by carefully selecting the ingredients used in each product. You should revamp your skincare routine with some amazing natural anti-aging skincare products from Savarnas Mantra. 

You should serumize your skin often. Reveal your glowing skin with Savarnas Mantra® renewing, brightening, revitalising treatment serums. The serums help the ingredients to reach deep in your skin and thus bring out the best of results. The Natural Youth Stem Serum has the ability to regenerate and repair the stem cells of the skin. When Savarnas Mantra® Natural Youth Stem Serum is applied to the skin it helps in wrinkle reduction, collagen proliferation, and skin rejuvenation. The serum uses the benefits of a rare Swiss apple. It transfers the benefits of this rare Swiss apple, like preservation and longevity to your skin. 

The face masks refine the skin pores and help clear the skin better. The Savarnas Mantra natural face masks gently lift your skin’s dirt and deep cleanse the pores, clearing them of the dead skin cells, environmental pollution and skin’s own oil. Savarnas Mantra® Natural Revitalizing Mask helps refresh your fatigues, dull and lifeless skin. It helps clean the skin pores thereby giving you a revitalized look. 

Another important tip is to use a good skin exfoliantGet a flawless, polished complexion with Savarnas Mantra® exfoliants. Our exfoliating treatments gently lift away dull skin and impurities and restore the skin’s luminosity. Savarnas Mantra® Natural Power Fruit Exfoliant is power packed with antioxidants that will help protect the skin from exposure to daily stressors caused by the environment. It further helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration and texture irregularities. The Glycolic Acid has a small molecular structure that targets the signs of aging and helps eliminate the dead skin from the surface. The Pyruvic Acid purges impurities from the skin and Lactic Acid will help hydrate and condition your skin.  

Your eyes need some special attention because the skin under your eyes is sensitive. That is why Savarnas Mantra® Natural Restorative under Eye Serum is thin and spreads easily over the skin, providing a cool and refreshing feel. The delicate pH balanced formula will not burn or irritate the eyes, and is safe and soothing for an enjoyable application.   

Another part of your face that needs attention is those dark, puffy eyes. For your puffy eyes that have dark circles, Savarnas Mantra® has Natural Age Defying Eye Cream. The cucumber extracts in this product help address the dark circles, fine lines, and puffiness around the delicate eye area. In addition, the neem extracts, as well as Vitamins A and E further hydrate and brighten up the appearance of dark circles, thereby providing antioxidant support. The product is hormone free and fragrance free and so is safe to use near the delicate area under your eyes. This cream de puffs and refreshes the skin besides firming and fortifying the under eye skin. The hydration it provides to your skin reduces the dark circles and reduces puffiness.