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Common Reasons Why Your Eyebrow Powder Isn't Working (And How to Fix It) 

Jan 18, 2020

Dan Singh

Why Your Eyebrow Powder Isn't Working

One of the essential steps in makeup can be filling in the eyebrows. We all know the fact that eyebrows frame a face. The art of shaping perfect brows seems a little challenging until you learn the techniques and use the right products. Here is a small article on how to use eyebrow powder in a professional way.

Firstly, you need to figure out the product that you need to fill in your eyebrows. Here is good news for the brow enthusiasts! Many individual beauty brands are coming up with various brow grooming products lately. Some of them are eyebrow gels, eyebrow powders, and eyebrow pencils. But the real challenge is to find out the one that suits you the best!

How are you supposed to select between a powder, gel, and a pencil if you are a newbie? So, to make the decision an easier task, I’ve asked some of our brow experts to know about their experience and recommendations. The answer I got was, the perfect brow filler depends upon one's requirements. Similarly, based on the customer’s reviews, I realized that eyebrow filling powder is one of the most loved and used eyebrow makeup products. The reason was that the brow powder gives a very soft and natural look while pencils make it look artificial.

What is the Use of Eyebrow Powder?

The eyebrow powder is one of the top eye makeup products that are used for eyebrows. This product comes in powder form. Brow powders help to fill in the eyebrows perfectly without any sparse areas. If you love that shiny and soft brow look, powders are the best to meet the needs.

How to Apply Eyebrow Powder?

Before starting, you‘ll need an angled brush or a specially crafted eyebrow brush to fill efficiently in the brows like a pro. Next on the listis the color; if you are confused about the color selection, you may choose a shade lighter than your hair color. This will make your eyebrow color look natural and it complements the face. Well, now moving on to application; follow the steps below to make the best out of eyebrow powder use.

Step#1: Clean the brows:

As you know, the basic step before starting face makeup is cleansing the face. The same is it with brows. You may use a cleanser to remove any residues or impurities from your eyebrows. Likewise, make sure you wax or thread your eyebrows before filling. This will make the filling process easy, provided a well-defined eyebrow.

Step#2: Brush your brows:

You can use an eyebrow brush or a spoolie to comb the brows. This will help in finding out the areas that need to be tuned up.

Step#3: Define your eyebrows:

You may use powder or pencil to define the eyebrow shape. You may even use a pencil to highlight your arch. Once you get the specified shape, brush through the brows. This technique will make the harsh lines soft.

Step#4: Time to fill them:

Finally, it’s the eyebrow powder’s turn! To get that perfect look, using your eyebrow brush gently create hair-like strokes, and effectively fill in your brows with the eyebrow filling powder.

 Give a delicate touch at the front of your eyebrows and as you move towards the tail, make it to a darker shade. Repeat more hair-like strokes until it’s defined. Once you are done, comb through your eyebrows with a brush to soften the edges. Some mistakes that are to be avoided are, don’t overuse the eyebrow powder. Keep in mind that always less is more, and it’s perfectly true in the case of an eyebrow powder. The best advice from the eyebrow experts is to concentrate on the product strokes more on spare areas rather than overfilling the eyebrows.

Step#4: It's best when you set it:

If you wanted to give that perfect finish, try setting the brows with an eyebrow gel. The gel makes the brows look voluminous while also setting the look. This step is optional, so if you want that pro eyebrow makeup look, use an eyebrow brush, comb the product through the brow and give that final touch. 

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