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Best Natural Mascara for Beautiful Lashes

Aug 04, 2021

arun pratap

Best Natural Mascara for Beautiful Lashes - SavarnasMantra

Many are obsessed with one eyebrow product, and the reason for this is the transition it gives to the eyes in just a single swipe. I hope you got about the product that I’m talking about- yes, it’s the mascara. If applied perfectly, they can provide beautiful and lengthy lashes, enhancing the entire look of the face. But one problem which is faced by many is getting the right product. When you check in a drugstore, you get plenty of eyelash mascara that leaves you confused about picking the right one for you. I’m here to help you with some of the basics of mascara and introduce the best mascara

Know about Mascara? 

Mascara is a cosmetic exclusively used for eyelashes. It enhances the eyelashes by making them look darker, lengthy, and thick. The product comes in a tube with an attached wand on the cap.  

Mascara: Normal vs. Waterproof

There are two types of mascaras, basically normal (washable/water-soluble) and waterproof. Normal mascara is much easy to remove and is light on the lashes. The water content is pretty high in this type of mascara. Well, about the drawbacks, the washable mascara may smudge around the eyes, and they are hard to dry. And also, it tends to spread especially to the lower eyelids.  

The second one is the Waterproof mascara, which lasts longer throughout the day. They get dried fast and are smudge-free. And so, they are perfect for summers and monsoon seasons. However, one thing to take care of while using waterproof mascara is to remove it with proper eye makeup remover before bedtime.  

Choose the Best Mascara Applicator:

Based on the wand types, mascara can be classified into four types. The effects when you apply each type are different. Let’s see the types and their specialty: 

  • Micro Wand: These wands are specially made for lower lashes and are small. They have short bristles, and so it avoids clumps as they deposit less on the lashes.  
  • Thick wand: If you want your lashes to look dense, then mascara with a thick wand is the best.  
  • Thin Wand: Mascara with a thin wand can provide you with lengthy lashes. Your lashes look longer than they usually are.  
  • Mascara with Curved Wand: Using this type needs a little practice, but it’s worth giving a try. The mascara with a curved wand can add both length and volume to the lashes.  
  • Straight Mascara Wand: They are the easiest ones to use for your inner eyelids and small lashes.  

Right Way to Apply the Mascara: 

Mascara has become inevitable among makeup products. Though initially, the application process may seem a bit tough, practice can make things perfect and easy. If you are a newbie to try the mascara, here is the ultimate guide to aid you in applying it in the right way: 


Never apply the wand directly without wiping off the excess product, as you’ll end up using a lot of product onto the lashes, which will make clumps.  

Step# 2:

While applying the product, take the mascara wand beneath the upper lashes, start from the roots, and wiggle it forward and backward, making a thin coat below the lashes. As you are starting from the roots, your lashes will look lengthier. Similarly, pulling the wand in a zigzag way helps to add volume and length to the lashes. You may follow either technique based on the requirement. 


If you wish to mix and use the mascara, try using one type for the first coat and the other one for the second coat. For example, you may use lengthening mascara for the first coat and the thickening one for the second coat or the other way round. This method will give you perfect long and thick lashes. 

Step# 4

Next is to apply the product to the lower lashes; while applying to the lower lashes, look for micro wand mascara and start from the roots back and forth.  

Tips To Clean Up The Mistakes: 

 It’s pretty common to go wrong while applying mascara, even when you‘re experienced. It’s a common scene to get mascara on the face or eyelids while using it. No worries, you just need some cotton swab to remove it. Allow the product to dry, have a bit of moisturizer on the cotton swab, and gently wipe it off. 

Another common mistake is the clumping of the product on the lashes. The best way to remove the excess product is to use an old wand (clean and dry) and comb through the lashes to and from. 

Choosing Mascara for Sensitive Eyes: 

If you have sensitive eyes or are allergic to eye products, you should choose gentle mascara free of harsh chemicals. Similarly, look for the ingredients before buying mascara, as some products can cause itching, redness, and irritation to your eyes.  

Best Mascara by Savarnas Mantra®

Our Mascara is one of the best-selling and most rated products by our customers. They are gentle on the skin and absolutely smudge-free. The highlight is that this product comes as a set of two in each pack, one with transplanting mascara and the other in 3D fibers. The perfect formula makes it last longer, and they don’t clump or flake.  If you are somebody with sensitive eyes, you should give this product a try.