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Best Natural Facial Serums To Include in Your Daily Skincare

Mar 11, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

Best Natural Facial Serums To Include in Your Daily Skincare - SavarnasMantra

When it comes to Natural Facial Serums, Vitamin C Natural Serum is a holy grail product for most of the beauties. But, there is more to this, Natural Facial Serum!! We will give you some insights into the Natural Facial Serums which are worth mentioning. This must be included in your daily skincare routine. 

Natural Facial Serums are worthy for their qualities. What sets apart in using Natural Facial Serums in your daily routine is that it will extend and enhance the quality of other products you are using. 

In our extensive research at Savarnas Mantra, we have come up with several natural-based serums to bring about the best suited for your skin. We understand that every skin is different and reacts differently. It needs special attention. The best bet is natural serums which have no known side effects. 

Before, we step into the types of Natural Facial Serums, let us know why choose Natural Facial Serums and how you can benefit from them. 

Why choose Natural Facial Serum in your daily skincare?

Natural Facial Serums are considered safe for everyone. You can be rest assured to gain positive benefits. The most important aspect of Natural Facial Serums is that it does not interact with makeup products or any other factors. This is the most important parameter which makes Natural Facial Serums the best choice today among many women. 

We also introduce you to our Savarnas Mantra Collection of Natural Facial Serum. Having one of these serums will be one of the prized attributes for your beauty. By the end of this blog, you will understand why natural facial serums are important for your priceless beauty!!! 

So, This is a call for all the princesses and queens around the world, brace up yourself as we take you through a tour of the types of Natural facial Serums. 

The Types of Natural Facial Serums 

  1. Antioxidant Natural Facial Serum
  2. Anti-aging Natural Facial Serum
  3. Hydrating Natural Facial Serum
  4. Brightening Natural Facial Serum
  5. Oil controlling Natural Facial Serum
  6. Exfoliating Natural Facial Serum
  7. Firming Natural Facial Serum
  8. Acne-Fighting Natural Facial Serum
  9. Pigmentation correcting Natural Facial Serum
  10. Under-eye Natural Serum 

These top 10 types of Natural Facial Serum can bring about a revolution in your skin!! Choosing the one which suits you best is a great idea to kick start your beauty regime right away!!! 

Antioxidant Natural Facial Serum 

Most of us have Vitamin C in our skin kitty !!! Let us help you replace that. Do you why?? Well, Is your Vitamin C getting absorbed by the skin. We all know vitamin C serums are rich in anti-oxidants. 

It’s time to bring about a revolution in your conventional-based serum. Vitamin C is best absorbed when coupled up with iron. So, start with a Vitamin C +Ferulic molecule-based serum. 

Natural Vitamin C Serum fortified with Age-Defying Additives from Savarans Mantra is enriched with Vitamin C +Antioxidants+ Supercharged Ferulic Acid which helps give maximum absorption with high bioavailability. 

Watch for the active ingredients the next time you purchase your Natural Vitamin C Facial Serum. 

Anti-aging Natural Facial Serum 

This is everyone’s favorite. We all want to win over the aging process and look embrace youthfulness. You need more than just conventional Vitamin C serum. Antioxidants have the power of delaying the aging process. Couping up Antioxidant Serum +Vitamin C Natural Serum works wonders with anti-aging effects. 

Opt for Natural Vitamin C Serum fortified with Age-Defying Additives from Savarans Mantra which helps absorb vitamin C well with supercharged ferulic acid and do not forget the Age-Defying Additives which adds that extra punch to your skin. This can definitely be your night routine!!! 

Taken aback by wrinkles and fine lines- Do not worry. Savarnas Mantra provides Natural Youth Stem Serum with stem peptides that help to regenerate the skin cells from within. Stem peptides increase the longevity of the cells and also help in regenerating skin cells. 

Hydrating Natural Facial Serum 

Serums help in hydration as well. If you have been using moisturizers for a long time and not getting that required hydrating, natural serums are the best choice to lock in the moisture in your skin cells and give that supple appearance.

Brightening Natural Facial Serum 

If your skin is dull and lustreless, it needs that extra power to eliminate the darkness and dullness of the skin. What better than natural hyalournic acid works best. 

Savarnas Mantra Natural 100% Pure Hyaluronic Serum provides nourishment with a brightening effect for the skin. It provides healthy nourishment and a glowy effect. 

Oil controlling Natural Facial Serum 

Oil control is very essential for oily skin. If you are secreting too much oil from skin pores, and oil-controlling serum can help lock in the moisture. Over-drying products are also not good for the skin. The texture and the moisture content of the natural serum are best for oily skin. 

Exfoliating Natural Facial Serum 

Natural Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid serums have a natural exfoliating effect which is good for the skin. The skin has the capacity to regenerate and this will help in eliminating the dead skin layer and toxins from the skin. 

Firming Natural Facial Serum 

Collagen enriched serum is best for preventing sagging of the facial skin. 

Natural Youth Stem Serum from Savarnas Mantra helps in providing collagen-boosting properties, wrinkle reduction, and skin proliferation of cells. 

Acne-Fighting Natural Facial Serum 

There are some specific target-based natural serums that work in controlling acne outbreaks. Couple it with oily controlling elements, brightening molecules, and antioxidant power helps in the prevention of acne. 

Savarnas Mantra Natural Red Tea Anti-oxidant Serum is a revolutionary product with the antioxidant power of Rooibos plants which is a red bush plant. This helps fight free radicals and improves blood circulation. 

Pigmentation correcting Natural Facial Serum 

Thinking about acne scars?? Well, after the acne solution from Savarnas Mantra Natural Red Tea Anti-oxidant Serum, I am sure, you are looking for post-acne scars solutions. 

Savarnas Mantra Natural Pigment Correction Serum solving the post-acne scars and also takes care of age-related pigmentation. Age-related pigmentation may occur due to hormonal imbalance. 

Savarnas Mantra Natural Pigment Correction Serum is natural and hormone-free serum from plant-derived ingredients which helps target the skin enzymes without affecting the skin’s metabolic pathway. 

Under-eye Natural Serum 

Your beauty lies in your eyes. Dont neglect the skin around the eyes, it needs special care and attention. Just imagine glowing skin with shiny eyes, Quite mesmerizing, Isn't it? Do not ignore the skin under the eyes. 

Savarnas Mantra Natural Restorative Under Eye Serum helps in restoring the under-eye skin which must equate well with your facial skin. 

Now, you know about all the natural facial serums and can make the best choice according to your needs. At, Savarnas Mantra, we believe in holistic wellness for your skin from within and better skin health. Grab your Natural Facial Serum today from our Savarnas Mantra Natural Serum Collections.