Best Eyebrow Makeup Trends To Try in 2022 – SavarnasMantra

Best Eyebrow Makeup Trends To Try in 2022

Apr 04, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

Best Eyebrow Makeup Trends To Try in 2022 - SavarnasMantra

Today, let us get your brows attractive with some ongoing trends. Eyebrows define your eyes. We have heard about eye-catchy make-up which will set you apart from the crowd. Well, experiment with your brows this season 2022, to stand apart from the crowd. From bleached to colored eyebrows, different brows are making some noise this season which you must give a shot. For catchy eyebrow makeup, just do not focus on eyes and lips, catch hold of your brows to get attractive looks. 

There are millions of ways through which you can shape the brows and make them look more beautiful. Beauty brow is making trends these days. So, let us help you brush up your brows and set a trend on the runway. Readout here to know more about what is trending these days when it comes to your brows. The craze does not stop here as the trend for brow shapes keeps changing. 

What is the New Eyebrow Trend Called? 

The most popular eyebrow trend for the year 2022 is Brow Lamination. Over the decades, celebs across the world have been setting trends by changing their look and experimenting with their eyebrows. Some eyebrow trends have blown our minds and made a lot of difference to our personalities. Many women are going crazy over this new eyebrow trend. People are ready to change their eyebrow looks with bizarre makeup ideas which are worthy of every look. 

Some of us are obsessed with eyebrows and do not even like that extra hair popping out. And why not? It is important to look perfect these days. We should not compromise when it comes to our looks. 

Let us jump-start with the Brow Lamination Technique which is making noise these days. Well, this trend is new and still to stay here. So, what do laminated brows look like? This question might be ticking your mind. Well, in simpler words, Brow Lamination shapes signify tall and brushed up brows with a brow brush and set with gel. The idea is to redirect hair upwards giving it a longer and larger brow shape. 

What is Brow Lamination? 

Brow Lamination is a non-invasive procedure that involves straightening brow hair so that they lie straight in one direction. It is a procedure that straightens your eyebrows and gives a uniform shape that appears even and professional for an extended period of time for 4 - 8 weeks. It is a long-term perm for eyebrows to get that fluffy look. Eyebrow lamination is a 3 step treatment for ultra- full brows. It is the best procedure to achieve eyebrows without any gaps. 

It adds an illusion for more definition to your brows.

 Procedure to do Brow Lamination

 Step one - Lifting cream which helps in breaking the hair blinds and allows to shape the eyebrows more accurately. Your brow specialist will press your eyebrows with a wrap to help you with the laminating procedure. Allow this to sit in for 8 - 10 minutes. 

Step two- You can use an eyebrow nourishing oil to uniform the look of the eyebrow which is moisturizing for the brows. This will help reduce the dryness with the hydrating oil treatment. 

Step Three- Brush and shape the eyebrow as you desire. The hydrating oil will give a shiny look to eyebrows. The brow specialist will perform the lamination procedure with cling wrap and you will all set to have gorgeous eyebrows. 

The entire procedure of consultation, shaping, and trimming take around 45 minutes. It is worth investing time to get beautiful eyebrows. Brow lamination is a versatile procedure, you can wear it fluffy one day, sleek the next day, and straight the other day. Keep changing your style for more days to come. Your new brows will last for 8 solid weeks. If you want your brows to have a more solid crisp feel, you can take a wax gel treatment at 4th week and do not break that 8-week mark of brow lamination. 

Who needs Brown Lamination? 

Brow Lamination is a perfect technique if you are looking for “Fluffy Eyebrows.” It is also applicable for those who do not like to set their eyebrows frequently.  It is especially suited to those who have windswept unruly and curly brows. 

Brow Lamination is the most popular eyebrow trend for 2022 and is there to stay for the years to come. You can boost the brow setting with eyebrow nourishing oil or eyebrow gel which can not only help you fix your eyebrows for long but also help you for some natural growth, natural look, and maintain hydration levels.