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Best 5 Eye Makeup Ideas for New Year's Eve

Dec 28, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

Best 5 Eye Makeup Ideas for New Year's Eve

Get ready to dazzle this New Year's Eve with the best eye makeup! As you bid goodbye to the year 2022, brace yourself to welcome the NEW YEAR 2023 with a new dream, hope, desire, and sparkle in your eyes. We know you are all set with the best outfit, hairstyle ideas, and make-up. But, before you step out for a big party, get ready to mesmerize yourself with your looks. Yes, we all want to look our best for NEW YEAR's EVE. Get exceptional looks by focusing on eye makeup this season! 

Today, with this blog, we are going to tell you about some of the best make-up ideas for New Year's Eve. Add some drama, glitter, and shine to your eyes with these exciting make-up ideas. 

Remember, beautiful eye makeup transforms your overall look in minutes! So, let's begin!

Why is focusing on eye makeup important?

Eyes are the soul of your inner beauty. They are the first to get noticed even before you speak. Dazzle with the best eye makeup this New Year's Eve and take your beauty to another level. Let your eyes do all the talking- Take this a NEW YEAR MOTTO to look beautiful from within! 

Eye makeup has always been an obsession for ages. Right from the Romans, and Greeks to the Victorian era, eye makeup has always been trending and buzzing. From eyebrows to lashes, many of us love experimenting when it comes to eye makeup. But, when it comes to eye makeup, it's important to get it right! 

So, let's begin the year 2023 with exciting New Year makeup for the big party. Our eye makeup guide shows how to get the best look for the New Year with festive glamor. 

Best 5 Eye Makeup Ideas for New Year's Eve

Glam up your eyes with these exciting eye makeup ideas for New Year's Eve!

1. Prep your eyes- Stick to basics

Primer is a must before you get started with makeup. This helps provide a good smoothing base for your makeup with the buttery application. 

Thinking of which is the best eye makeup primer? Choose silicone-free gel-based primers which help in smoothing the fine lines around the eyes. Post-primer application, apply some concealer and foundation to even out the skin tone around the eyes. Blend it well and allow some 30-60 secs to absorb for perfect smudge-free application of the eye makeup.

2. Lash it OUT!

Emphasize your lashes and amplify them with voluminous mascara. Use 3D mascara which is trending these days. It provides an exceptional 3D effect with transplanting fibers for a natural yet dramatic look for New Year's Eve. 

The 3D lash mascara gives a magnetic effect to the eyes. These are a must for special nights like New Year's Eve! Moreover, you can opt for this magnetic lashes daily with this EyeLash Mascara.

3. Pop-out your eyes - Make them look BIGGER!

Bigger is better! Add some glamor to the eyes and make them look more expressive so that they are ready to steal the show. You can modify your eye makeup based on the shape of your face. 

Using deeply pigmented eyeliner on the upper and lower lash line and water lines can make your eyes look bigger. This adds a new dimension to makeup and defines your look. 

Here is a Pro-Tip to make your eyes look bigger and more expressive. You can apply a highlighter on the inner corner of your eyes and arch your brows to make your eyes look great!

4. Do not forget the BROWS

Thick, fuller and denser brows can provide a highly dramatic look for your eyes. You can opt for a naturally looking laminated brow look with eyebrow powder, brow gel, and brow soap which will add more beauty to the eyes. 

Remember, never neglect your brows! They frame your entire face. 

5. Get ready to sparkle!

Glitter is the secret to sparkling beautiful eyes for a New Year look. It is a perfect way to bring your New Year look to life. Choose a silvery metallic shade on top of your eyelid post-eye shadow application based on your choice. 

Round off your glam look with some shine for the New Year’s Party! Add a nude or light natural pink shimmery lip color with a glossy effect for a festive addition to your eye makeup.