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6 Most Trending Brow Looks You Should Try!

Dec 30, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

6 Most Trending Brow Looks You Should Try!

From skinny to lush brows, the eyebrow looks have witnessed a major transformation this year. Many people have gone ahead to follow some exciting trendy eyebrows that are creating buzz all over the internet. Trending brow looks have also been loved by Hollywood celebs who are putting the best foot forward for the best brow looks ever! 

So, you too can now join the beauty mantra to create eyebrow looks like never before. We have rounded up some interesting eyebrow-trending looks that you should opt for this season. Let us check them out right away!

1. Brow Lamination

This is one of the most popular trends which is creating a rave these days. This semi-permanent brow trend offers perfectly placed brows that last all day long. Brow lamination involves restructuring brows and setting them in the most desirable shape using the best fixing eyebrow product. This enhances the eyebrow look with straight curved hairs by improving symmetry and overall facial aesthetics. 

The brushed-up shape and eyebrow look with brow lamination will help to fill gaps and give an appearance of fuller-looking brows. The best eyebrow product which you can opt for brow lamination is brow soap. This provides an instant-fuller brow with a laminated feathered look. Many celebs like Gigi Hadid are known for religiously following the trend of brow lamination.

2. Thicker and denser brows

This has been trending since the end of 2021 and will be going a long way to be one of the favorite brow looks for everyone. It provides a deep definition to the eyes by enhancing the overall look. To create this look naturally, it is important to a natural eyebrow oil religiously which will help with eyebrow growth. Moreover, you can always use eyebrow gel and eyebrow powder for instant thicker, and denser brows. 

Do not forget to include eyebrow nourishing oil enriched with plant-based botanical extracts which will help your brows to look thicker and luscious.

3. Natural brows

Stick to your natural brows for the best look ever! This look is just about following a brow care routine and being loyal to your natural brow shape. This is one of the most popular trending brow looks. It is just minimalist and simplified by following the basic rules of brow care routine to give your natural brows a polished look.

4. Fluffy Feathered brows

Fluffy feathered brows are building momentum this year 2022 for the best brow look. This has been sported by many celebs. The whole idea behind this look involves brushing up brows to make them look relaxed and natural. The concept for fluffy feathered brows involves creating a soft look for the face with precision elements. 

You can opt for other temporary solutions to create natural fluffy feathered brows with eyebrow powder and eyebrow gel. To freeze the look for a semi-permanent solution for fluffy feathered eyebrows, head right away to the brow specialist.

5. Straight brows

This is a classy straight finish for brows that is loved and adored by many celebs. Many people wish to flaunt this straight brow classic look with minimal arch and straight tail.

6. Fox brows

Well, you do not need to be an eyebrow artist to create this look for yourself. Though makeup artists are well-known to transform your brows into this eye-captivating fox brow look, you too can go ahead and explore this look all by yourself. This involves using skin tape to pull the brows back into a flatter shape. This will help give you sharper look by uplifting your face. It provides an elongated eyebrow shape with a perfect arch to raise brows with pride. 

Wanting to try these brow looks? Opt for perfect eyebrow essentials from Savarnas Mantra and get started to transform your brows!