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Benefits of Using Brow Soap

Oct 26, 2022

Rini Jose

Benefits of Using Brow Soap

Soaps are used by all to keep the body clean and germ-free. But have you heard about a soap that can make your brows look fuller and picture-perfect? Yes, brow soaps are a heated topic among the current makeup trends. Truly speaking, this one "hack" is a one-stop solution to achieving impeccable brows. Though it isn't a new product in the market, it was only an insider trick among beauty experts. In fact, it was their secret to creating beautiful eyebrows. Do you want to discover simple techniques to create trending eyebrows? Read on; 

Get to know the trending and most inexpensive technique to create fuller-looking eyebrows

Brow Soaps: Let's go with the trend! 

Brow soaps are crafted for your eyebrows to make them look thick and bushy, similar to laminated brows. It's nothing but soap paste that can give shape and volume to the brows and keep them set for the entire day, just like using a brow gel. The eyebrow soaps are transparent and clear and leave no white residue on the brows.  

What are Soap Brows? 

For many, this is a familiar process, but definitely, for a few, the term "soap brows" may sound Greek. Soap brows are nothing but the process of transforming your brows from dull and thin ones to fuller and fluffy ones by using soap as a leave-in product. You may choose any soap, but a brow soap crafted for your eyebrows will be the best choice ever. 

Brow soap is made with gentle ingredients that are safe on the eyebrows. Glycerin is a key ingredient that is mainly used in soap for eyebrows. Glycerin possesses an amazing power to hydrate the eyebrows as it's a great humectant. Besides, when used on the brows, it completely coats each strand and the surface of the hair, making the brows look fuller. 

How to Soap Your Eyebrows? 

Excited to create those bushy and fluffy eyebrows? But aren't sure how to do it right, here's a guide to help you out: 

When it comes to eyebrows, we all want a single product that would deliver the best results in a fraction of the time. And for this, brow soaps will be your best bet. To achieve fuller eyebrows that last for the whole day, you only need this all-in-one brow product and a spoolie. Let's get started! 

  • Cover those sparse areas: If your eyebrows are thin or sparse, it's recommended to use a brow pencil or powder to cover the patches and make them defined. No matter which product you use, an eyebrow pencil or powder, blending it perfectly after filling them matters the most. 
  • Dampen your spoolie: Using plain water or facial mist, just slightly wet your spoolie.  
  • Transfer brow soap to the spoolie: With the wet spoolie, lightly dampen the soap to get the right consistency. One pro tip to remember is to make a thick paste for a better hold. Make sure you transfer only a small amount of soap on the spoolie rather than covering the brush completely with the brow soap. 
  • Brush your eyebrows: Using the spoolie, brush your eyebrows up and out. Comb the eyebrows in such a way that you cover all the brow hairs. 
  • Allow it to dry: Unlike other brow cosmetics like brow gel, it may take a minute or two to dry after applying the soap to the brows.  

If you are new to soap brows, it may take some time to learn this technique; nothing works better than practicing to become a pro.  

Is Brow Soap Safe For Your Eyebrows? 

The answer is definitely yes! Still, to ensure safety, follow the common rule of conducting a patch test prior to using the product on the skin. Before using soap on your brows, check the ingredients list and undergo a patch test to ensure that you aren't allergic to any ingredients used. These eyebrow soaps are generally safe, as long as you choose a good quality product bespoke for eyebrows.  

Which Brow Soap Should You use?  

As stated, the quality of the product matters when it comes to safety and performance. To be 100% sure, use a vegan product with safe and quality ingredients. Savarnas Mantra® Brow Soap is vegan and enriched with organic palm oil, olive oil, and glycerine. The soap coats the brow hairs and holds them all day, adding shape, volume, and sheen to your eyebrows.  

If you want to give a laminated effect to your eyebrows and make them look fuller and thick, brow soap is worth a try. Try this new technique and create fuller and fluffy eyebrows effortlessly!