Benefits of Using Brow Primers before Filling Your Eyebrows – SavarnasMantra

Benefits of Using Brow Primers before Filling Your Eyebrows

Nov 25, 2021

Dan Singh

Benefits of Using Brow Primers before Filling Your Eyebrows - SavarnasMantra

Eyebrows are one of the most remarkable features of the face, which can frame your face. When we aren’t gifted with naturally thick and fuller eyebrows, we rely on various options that are available for us. Nowadays, there are many makeup trends that can make any dull eyebrows look fab. Social media is loaded with a hella lot of ideas and products which can be easily tried on the brows. However, achieving perfect eyebrows requires some expertise and knowledge. If done well, eyebrows will look flawless, whereas if gone wrong, they will end up looking unnatural and dark. This is one of the reasons why eyebrow makeups seem like a frightening task for many. Still, perfecting your brows isn’t impossible if you master some tricks and techniques. Today’s post is all about one of the essential eyebrow products that can ease the process of eyebrow filling. 

Read on to discover the benefits of the must-have eyebrow product to achieve those stunning eyebrows being a beginner. 

As the proverb says, “a well begun is half done”, it is apt for eyebrow makeup. It all starts with the first product that we use on it. Yes, we are talking about the eyebrow primer. Seriously, how many of you use a primer before filling the brows? Indeed, there will be very few people who do it. But in reality, priming the eyebrows are one of the most basic and essential steps in the entire makeup process. 

Advantages of Priming the Eyebrows: 

We are sure about applying primer to the face before applying makeup. Unlike the rest of the face, eyebrows also need a primer. So, investing in a good primer can gift you with a perfect makeup experience. Let’s have a look at its benefits; 

  • If the eyebrows are tamed well, it is easy to shape them with a gel, powder or pencil. Eyebrow primers are the ideal products that tame your brows perfectly.  
  • Eyebrow primers form a smooth base and prep the eyebrows for the eyebrow makeup.  
  • The eyebrow primers effectively absorb the oil from the skin and hair. And so, when the eyebrow products are applied to the brows after applying primer, it lasts longer.  
  • Applying the eyebrow products after priming gives perfection to the brows. 
  • Eyebrows primers condition the eyebrows and aids in making them look thicker and healthier.  
  • Applying primers avoids the fallout of the eyebrow products onto the eyelids and face hence avoiding mess during the application process.  

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Savarnas Mantra® Eyebrow primer 

The eyebrow primer, which comes as a pencil, provides a perfect base for the eyebrow products like brow powders, brow pencils etc. The primer can be even used instead of a stencil to draw the shape of the eyebrows. The eyebrow primers are much helpful in covering grey and white hairs on the eyebrows. Overall, this brow primer creates an ideal brow base and ensures that only the right amount of product is deposited on the brows.  

How to Use Them:

Clean the brows well; now, using the primer, tame the eyebrows. Once done, you may use the other eyebrow products to fill in the eyebrows. 

Essential Tips for Filling Your Brows Flawlessly 

  • Use a spoolie brush through your brows before and after filling in the eyebrows. Brushing the brows before filling the brows will make the sparse areas clear, which will make it easy to fill them. Similarly, brushing the brows after filling the eyebrows will ensure that the products are evenly distributed to the brows. 
  • Avoid applying too much product on the eyebrows, as this will fake the look. 
  • Use the shades that compliment your skin tone. Similarly, go with the rule of applying lighter to darker to make them look natural. To make this process easier, use a lighter eyebrow shade at the starting of your brows and go with a darker shade towards the end.  
  • If you are a newbie, there are chances to go wrong while applying the product. If you applied too much product on the brows, don’t worry; all you have to do is brush through your brows using the spoolie brush or an eyebrow brush. You can easily blend them well until you achieve the perfect look.  
  • Properly groomed eyebrows indeed make a huge difference while filling in the eyebrows. So, removing those extra hairs out of track will keep your brows look neat and perfect after filling in the eyebrows.  

 Five Easy Steps to Fill the Eyebrows Perfectly: 

Step #1 Prep the Brows: Use an eyebrow primer to tame the eyebrows.  

Step # 2 Brushing the brows: Use a spoolie brush or an eyebrow brush to brush the brows in accordance with the natural growth of the eyebrows. 

Step # 3 Trace your brows: Using an eyebrow pencil, find out where it should start and end and map it out.  

Step # 4 Fill in your brows: Using an eyebrow brush gently fill in the eyebrows in such a way as to add a tint to the area between the outline. To be precise, fill in all the sparse areas in the brows using an eyebrow powder or gel as per your choice. 

Step #5 Final Touch of Perfection: Once you are done with the filling process, using the eyebrow brush, swipe through your eyebrows to blend out everything and to attain that natural look.